Monday, March 12, 2012

Starting Strong!

I woke up this morning, ready to start another week of posting patterns. I got the four I did yesterday posted on Etsy this morning. They are now out there for shoppers to see. I got those done pretty quickly, the more I do, the more efficient I become. It helps that they're all patterns and I can just do the exact same thing I did for the fifty other ones before it. When I start selling other stuff it's going to take longer since I'm going to have more actual thinking.
I even made some progress on tomorrow's patterns in the morning. I got all those ads written, and the photos taken. I still have to edit the photos. I would have done it in the morning, but I ended up going out instead. Yes, I could have skipped it, but I wanted to go out. Not for any real purpose, but to just get out.
I'd like to say I was good, but I try to not lie to you. I will say however, truthfully, I didn't go to Hobby Lobby. I could have if I wanted to, but I just didn't need anything there. I'm really trying to keep being good and only stop in when I really need something compared to wandering in just whenever I feel like it. I'm sure my wallet's happier about that bit of self control. I did however visit all of the second hand stores. That addiction is still up and running. Hey, one step at a time people.
The Christian United Outreach center was the first place I visited. Their toy section continues to be remarkable bare. I guess they haven't gotten anything in lately. I did managed to find something in the fabric section. It was this small bit of yellow cotton. I didn't really need it, but I really liked the color and since it was only a dollar I figured that I could get it and find a use for it later. I just love the color, it's so nice and sunshiney and not too over saturated. It kind of reminds me of the color of the room I grew up in. Sometimes I miss the yellow, certainly better than the light purple that I'm currently living in. Anyway, I got that and I also got a scarf. I don't actually need a scarf much less one that's pink fleece, but I did need the faux lambskin it uses on the other side. There's a Barbie outfit I want to try and make, and another project that needs it, so I figured that finding it was a sign. Also it was only a quarter, and you can't beat that price wise. And knowing my luck if I decided to not get it I'd never be able to find something like it ever again, so I might as well get it while I can. But also knowing my luck, that means I'll never get around to using it. Like usual!
After that we visited the Salvation Army, which was pretty barren. I ended up getting nothing there. The final store was the Goodwill, where I actually found something. I did have to talk myself out of getting a fuzzy orange hat for a fabric source, but the three dollar price tag really helped seal that deal. I have no idea why such a cheap hat was so expensive, I doubt it cost three dollars new. But like I said, I found something, two things actually. Both of them Barbie dolls. The first one I found was Happy Birthday Barbie. I looked her up online and it looks like she came out in 1990. She's in really great condition, with her original hairstyle and outfit (she even had her shoes)! I thought about keeping her, or at least swiping her outfit, but I don't think I'm going to keep any part of her. I think she's going to be listed over on the Dollpage, eventually. She's in such wonderful condition I'm sure somebody will want her. The other doll I found was one I was familiar with the moment I found her, she's a Little Debbie doll. I'll confess something to you all, when I was younger I wanted a Little Debbie Barbie. There was just something about her look that really interested me. But my family never really ate Little Debbie products, so I never was able to get enough proof of purchases to get one, or wouldn't know about the offer until it was well past. But this was more of a passing regret, it's not like I had sleepless nights over it or anything. It was always a "could have been" moment. Besides, I had plenty of dolls as a child, I really didn't need another one. (Not like I really need more at the moment either). But here she was, so I decided to get her. She came in her original outfit, but without shoes. Her dress and apron are both dirty, so I will need to clean them. They're not dirty from play, so I'm not sure what happened. Most of her clothes still has the stitches holding them into place. I had to remove them from the apron so I could put it on better. I'd like to say I'm finally happy to own a Little Debbie Doll, but I'm really not that impressed with her. I guess she's another doll that while coveted in childhood doesn't really hold up well. I mean, she's a pretty doll and everything, but her outfit is so cheap. The fabric is really thin, and the execution is pretty shoddy. I mean the sewing has some issues that mine does, and I'm doing this for fun, not for business. I know they were "given away", so they didn't want to invest a ton of money making them, but you'd think they could have done better. Depending on how her outfit cleans up I think she too has a date with the Dollpage. It's disappointing that neither doll is going to be sticking around, but at least I get to own them for a little while. And besides, I don't really need more dolls! (Unless they're vintage, those dolls are ALWAYS welcome!)

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  1. cool, I had both of those dolls as a kid. the birthday barbie was my first "collector" doll. :-)