Friday, March 23, 2012

Too much of a green thing

I went out this morning. It was my first time leaving the house in a while. It's not like I didn't have the option earlier in the week, but I just didn't feel like going out. I just didn't want to deal with being social. All this week I just wanted to be alone and avoid people. But today I needed to go out, so it was time to face the world.
First up was the post office, the package for my sister was all set and ready to go out into the mail, giving it more than enough time to get to her before her actual birthday. It ended up being way more expensive than I was expecting to ship, over eight dollars! I didn't realize it was so heavy. It actually cost more to ship it than to buy the supplies to make it. I would say that next time we can just give her the money to make it herself, but she has mentioned that when I make them, they come out better than when she makes them. Plus it would be pretty rude to send someone the money so they can make their own birthday treat. Good thing she only has one Birthday a year, so we don't have to pay that much for shipping all the time.
I also hit up Hobby Lobby, my main reason for going out. Since I had the cabinet drawers all I needed was the dowel for my newest garment rack. I know Hobby Lobby sells them for a decent price, so that's where I went. I also checked out their fabric section. I wanted to see if they had a fake shiny leather material, they did not. I'm not disappointed over that, I really wasn't expecting them to have it. They did have dowels however. I had a small cut away from one of the dowels I used in the original one (one of those ill-fated hangers that never panned out) to gauge what size I needed. They didn't have exactly the same size, they had thicker and thinner ones though. I weighed the pros and cons of each. I ended up picking the thinner option. I was worried if I picked the bigger one if the hooks of the hangers would fit, I've had that be an problem before. Also the thicker one was more expensive. The smaller one only cost 29 cents, 31 with tax. I was able to pay for it with the change I had. I think that's the cheapest I've been able to get out of Hobby Lobby when I was buying anything! (I did have the forty percent off coupon that I could have used, but that seemed to be to cheapskate to use. I'm cheap, but I have my limits.) Now I just have to get the holes drilled in the wood, and I can get started on making it!
That's going to have to wait though, in the afternoon I was able to start some sewing. I had an idea for some 70's sewing that I wanted to try. Good thing it was a 70's outfit because those gals are really filling up the Naked Party Pad, I even heard whispers they're planning on unionizing. It was going to be a solid color blouse, with a printed skirt. I started off with the blouse. For the fabric I chose that bright green calico that I love the color, but have yet to make anything I really love with. I ended up making the top twice, the first time I had a real issue with the collar, and had to start over again (did I mention that I loathe collars, stupid things). I did some tweaks for the second time and made it so I could make an inset collar. They add their own sewing troubles I have to deal with, but I do like how the finished effect look. I got most of it done, but when I tried it on the doll I saw nothing but troubles. There was a couple fit issues, but the worst part was the color, there was just so much of it. I keep forgetting that this super saturated green is a hard color to pull off. I don't think I'll be able to use this blouse, at least not whom I intended it for. I just don't care for it. I did make an attempt at the skirt, but my heart wasn't in it.
I was pretty mad when I finally stopped sewing. I spent all that time and effort in a top that was not going to work! I was ready to start throwing stuff. Normally I'm a bit more controlled than that, but I do have an issue of getting mad when overheated. And lately it's been super hot in my room. I've been trying to be good and avoid putting in the air conditioner, but when two fans can't help keep you cool, you eventually break. I put the air conditioner in and have been using it to keep the room temperatures liveable. It's been so hot lately.
What happened to spring???

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  1. Hello from Spain: I hope your sister likes your gift. Some days he does not want to leave. I look forward to seeing your new creations. Keep in touch