Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I had a terrible night's sleep last night. I went to bed like normal, but as soon as my head hit the pillow I was wide awake, which I sometimes happens. No matter how much I tried I just couldn't fall asleep. It was the kind of tired where I was too awake to go to sleep, but I wasn't awake enough to get up and do anything. I ended up watching TV for a while hoping it would lull me enough so I could sleep, but it was still several hours before I was finally tired enough to fall asleep.
I did sleep in a bit in the morning, but not very long, or very well so I've been a little tired all day. It kept me from posting my patterns today. I just wasn't feeling like fighting with my computer to get them all posted. Plus I missed the peak hours, so I might as well wait until tomorrow. I'd like to say I'll manage to make up for today some other time in the week, but I rarely manage to do it all five days. So at least I'm being consistent in that! I really didn't do very much today. It's hard to be motivated when tired.
But I did see something on Flickr today what was interesting. I saw one of my contacts posted a picture, (which is the point of Flickr). In it he had grouped all of the dolls he had that were wearing clothes he had made. That got me wondering about my own collection. What would a picture of all my dolls that are wearing my clothes look like? Since I just LOVE making an absolute mess of the collection I decided to try it. I pulled through it all selecting out the dolls that I made everything they are wearing (except shoes and the occasional accessory). I left behind dolls that were wearing any clothing items I didn't make. I might have made the shirt, but if I didn't make the pants they weren't included.
I used Charlotte's shelf for where I assembled everyone. It filled up surprisingly quickly. I've made lots of complete outfits for the collection. Several shelves looked pretty deserted when I was done. I actually ran out of room. I was planning on putting Charlotte in the picture front and center, but I didn't have the space for her. It's a really interesting sight, but since there's so many dolls you really can't see everyone. Most of the back rows are totally covered by the dolls in front. I will share the pictures with you, but they're not the clearest. That's what happens when you have so many dolls in one spot. It is everyone who's wearing clothing I made, except for Charlotte, one Ken I forgot to add, and without the Chatty Cathies or Cindy Sad eyes who I left out because they're so big. I know I've been sewing for most everyone in the collection, but it's so overwhelming seeing it all in one place. You'll see what I mean:And some close ups:

See what I mean about overwhelming? At least when I had most of the collection in one place it finally motivated me to dust most of their shelves. Now it's all nice and clean!

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