Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Violence is never the answer.

That's what I keep telling everyone in the collection, but some of them just refuse to listen. I mean just today Hair Fair Barbie lost her head. Sweet Sixteen Barbie came along and just tore her in two. Then, Sweet Sixteen body had the gall to steal Hair Fair's body right out from under her when she was down. How Sweet Sixteen managed to do all that since she was only a head herself, I'll never know. But since it happened Sweet Sixteen has refused to listen to reason and just give back the body. She is quick to point out that it is a Sweet Sixteen body and if anyone should be using it, it should be her. She does have a very strong case.
And even if I tried to just take it from her I wouldn't be able to. She's been keeping her eyes locked on me ever since it happened, refusing to let me get out of her sight. I think since she's back to being a complete doll, she's not going back to being a head just so easily. Luckily, this problem is easily resolved. Because, I found and bought a new body for Hair Fair! Yes, again I find myself spending the money I had saved up. I should just admit it now that I really suck at saving money. I can't stop looking for bargains, and when I do I can't just let them get away from me. Today I found a TNT body in okay shape (missing toes, but the legs still click), for the super low price of 11 dollars (Five for the doll, six for shipping). And that's a really nice price, so I bought it. It also comes with a head, which I think is Growing Up Skipper's, the picture wasn't the clearest. Since that head clearly doesn't belong to that body I have no problem removing it and using the body for another doll.
After I bought the doll, I had a decision to make. Did I want to get a new Mod head to use for the new body, or use it to upgrade Hair Fair to a more accurate TNT body? If I did the latter I'd be able to add a Sweet Sixteen doll to the collection, since I now had a free body, and I bought her head in that bag of random stuff a while back. I decided to do the upgrade. I've been wanting to switch hair Fair to a TNT body, but didn't have the chance, and now one's presented itself. I already took of Hair Fair's head and put Sweet Sixteen together. I haven't gotten the body yet (I just ordered it tonight), but I figured that Hair Fair can wait. I mean she's already dressed, all I need to do is put her back together when her body arrives and redress her. Sweet Sixteen is a new addition(technically), so she needs all the help she can get in the dressing department. I'm glad I have a Sweet Sixteen doll, but another 70's doll! I'm so terrible at 70's clothing. They are easily the largest era in the Naked Party Pad!
I'm also pleased to say that when I completed Sweet Sixteen, that meant I used another thing from that bag I bought at the antique store, which means that Living Barbie isn't the only one who's benefited from it. Since she no longer has to carry the cost of the bag on herself alone. Living Barbie went from costing me 19 dollars to 13, and I totaled Sweet Sixteen Barbie at 17. That's six dollars for her half of the bag, plus the eleven for Hair Fair's replacement body.
And the cost for Living Barbie and Sweet Sixteen could go down even more. Right now they have the twelve dollars split between them, and if I use something else from that bag, then it'll be split over three dolls, making them 11 and 15 dollars. And in a best case scenario, someone will buy Brooke and that will make up the entire cost of the bag making Living Barbie seven dollars, and Sweet Sixteen eleven. Hey, a guy can hope right?
I did a quick search on Ebay, even at seventeen dollars that's not that bad of a price for a Sweet Sixteen doll. Especially since mine's in really great shape. Other than the fact that her torso is loose she's in wonderful condition. No melting or anything! She does need a bit of a more thorough bath, but other than that she's great. I just hope I can dress her somewhat quickly. Wish me luck, and also wish me luck she stops being so violent, I'm not used to dolls like that!

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