Thursday, March 22, 2012

What is with these creative weeks?

That makes me feel anything but creative? So far this week I've only managed to finish two dresses, but they weren't even new, I made those last week and just needed to finish one thing on them to call them done. For some reason when I get to my creative week, it just seems to kill my drive, and I can't find the desire to even turn on the machine, much less sew something. But on my non-creative weeks all I want to do is sew, sew, sew. I guess I'm a true procrastinator at heart, I want to do anything else, just not the thing I should be doing.
I did have an excuse for not being creative in the morning, I had plans. Not outside the house plans, but cooking plans. On this upcoming Wednesday it will be my sister's birthday. Normally we have a combined party (my mother's birthday is the day before), but since my sister moved late last month, that's not possible. We still will have a party for my mother, but nothing for my sister. My parents were planning on sending her a check and a card, but I felt she should have something special to eat on her special day. Since cake will not travel well, and I know she really likes Rice Crispy treats, I decided to make her some. That's what I did today. I made an entire batch for her, I even found a box that it fit inside perfectly, her own rice crispy cake. Hopefully we can get it into the mail tomorrow so she'll get it before her actual birthday. I just wish it didn't need the entire box, I was hoping to be able to eat some of the leftovers! Luckily I know the recipe.
In the afternoon though, I still wasn't feeling much like sewing. Instead I wrapped one present for my Mom (what I'm giving to her), then spent the rest of the afternoon with my main doll, Charlotte. I haven't talked much about her lately because I haven't done much with her. Recently she's really been neglected. I've used her for a fit model a couple of times, and I haven't been bothered to dress her when I was done, leaving her in her underwear. I even let her hair get really messy. For some reason I just didn't feel like doing anything with her, so I just ignored her.
Today I stopped doing that, and spent some quality time with her. I picked out one of her lovely dresses, all the accessories that went with it, and dressed her to the nines. I also fixed her hair. We're back to the pulled back look compared to the ponytail she's been wearing for the past few years. I even went and dunked her hair into boiling water to get rid of the crimp the elastic gave her hair when she was in the ponytail. And she's so pretty again! I leave her alone for a week, then she pulls me back in, my pretty, pretty princess. Let's never fight again!
Oh, I did actually do something creative today, no sewing however. I started working on making another garment rack. Yes, we've finally reached the point where I need another one. This one however will not be a continuation of Charlotte's, it will be for other people's clothes. There's actually a couple outfits on the original one that don't belong to Charlotte (Vanessa's Christmas dress, Ashley's Jason Wu dress, and others), and while I like having them hung up, they would be better on another rack. Also, there's another reason... I'm getting some more hangers soon! I was able to get a great deal on ten hangers, and I jumped on the chance to get them (more about those when they arrive). But the original garment rack simply does not have room for ten more items. Things are already a bit tight, and adding more would mean things would start getting really crammed and wrinkled, which sort of defeats the purpose of the garment rack. Today I made some progress on the second one. My father had some of those cabinet doors that I used to make the original one and he let me have them. I already marked on there where I need the holes drilled. I still need to get the dowels for the bars, but that should be easy to find.
I also need to figure out where the thing is going to go! Not enough surface area around here!

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