Saturday, April 14, 2012


We had a mass exodus of everyone on Charlotte's shelf the other day. Every single person was forced to flee and run for their little plastic lives. And you know what caused all the commotion? This:It may look innocent enough, but a closer shot reveals what's lurking inside...Okay, it's just an arm, but that's not the dangerous part. What's dangerous is what it's soaking in. That's pure bleach! Which is dangerous stuff. That's the right arm from the blonde ponytail I shared with you the other day, you know, the oddly dark one. I dissembled her in order to soak that arm in an effort to lighten it back to a normal color. It's been soaking for a couple days and hasn't seemed to have much effect on it. *Sigh*

When I first set it up I originally had the bowl on my desk so I could easily check it and see when it was done. I was thinking it would take a couple hours to get back to it's right color, so I just needed to not use my desk for a day and I'd be all set. Of course it's taking longer than I was expecting. And I needed to use my desk, so the bleach needed to move. I am NOT working around that on the desk. Ironically one of the safest places it could be to protect the dolls is right in the center of the collection. Charlotte's shelf is secure, level, and easily avoidable. But while it was safe for the dolls on the other shelves, it was certainly not for the dolls who actually live on that shelf. For the time being and for their safety, all the displaced dolls are huddled under the Naked Party Plaza, shooting me the dirtiest of looks. So while it's inconvenient for them, it is for their safety. I really wouldn't want anything to happen to them.
I just hope it hurries up. I miss looking over at that shelf and seeing everyone there. With just the bowl there it looks so empty, especially with the other shelves full.
(P.S. When I was filling out the tag section for this post, I never realized how basically every single doll on that shelf had their own personal tag. The only people missing a personal tag is Pierre, Midge, and Modern Circle.)

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