Monday, April 23, 2012

Good News!

I paid off the final fifteen dollars I owed for the three ponytails today! I finally own them in earnest! Which is so thrilling to get that debt settled. Now I can fully enjoy them without thinking that I needed to pay back my parents for them.
And can I just say how much I still love them? I keep looking at them unbelieving that I own them. I know I get a lot of dolls (two each month), but these are just... awesome, just awesome. But I digress. I didn't mention it, but I had two patterns sell recently. Nothing too big, but enough to pay back what I owed to my parents. But even though I had the cash, I didn't exactly pay them back per say (sp?)...
They did get their money back, but it wasn't as simple as just sending them the cash thru Paypal. I'll explain. Do you remember that video game I bought for my mother for her birthday? Well, she finished it, twice. And with that game over and done with she wanted to play the next one in the series. She had some birthday money and was planning on using that to buy it. She was just waiting for the best prices to make her money go the furthest. But I decided to take matter's into my own hands, partially because I had some E-bay bucks to spend. I had 54 whole cents burning a hole in my pocket, and they were rapidly reaching their expiration date. I could have spent it on myself, but I really didn't need anything from E-bay. So I decided to spend in on my mother and help get her that game for a little bit less. I didn't mention this to her in case it didn't pan out. I'd feel bad if I got her hopes up for nothing. I have been checking for the game, but the prices have been pretty consistent, and slightly more than I wanted to pay. I wanted to be able to pay less than what I owed my parents. It would be a really unhelpful favor to do something like that for someone, then ask for more money. Today I manged to find the game, new for a really great price. Including shipping it was well under what I owed them. So I jumped on it, buying it on my mother's behalf, and finally using up my E-bay bucks (and earning like 20 cents in the process). I even paid my parents back the difference, not subtracting my E-bay bucks (I think of it like collateral). So we're all even and squared away. It's weird, but I'm excited to be able to do this for my mother, even though I didn't do much in order for her to get it.
And what does this mean to you all, dear readers? Well that means that I'm finally able to start saving up for my next big purchase. I know I was just talking about it, but now I can actually start doing it. Exciting, right?

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