Sunday, April 15, 2012

I fully admit I have a problem...

But I'm not yet willing to do anything about it.

My most recent purchase arrived yesterday, I won't tease you with what it was, it's another body without a head. Yet again. But I implore to you, my dear readers, don't judge me so harshly! I'm not trying to accumulate so many headless bodies, I have a doll collection, not a headless doll collection. It's just whenever I find a body (or head) in good shape for a decent price I must buy it! So when I found a good condition Living Barbie head for eight dollars (including shipping) I just had to get it! Really, what would you do in my shoes? I needed it!
Sad thing is I've been eying a living Barbie body for about the same price that was in much worse condition. She was missing a left arm and her neck knob. I talked myself out of that one because what would be the odds I'd find another neck knob? This one is all complete (but with a broken left arm). She also has a small melt mark on her back, but it's very minor. And a bath wouldn't hurt too. Other than that she's in really decent shape. Her other arm and legs all click nicely and hold positions. A steal for eight dollars.
Oh, before I forget, the seller included some other stuff in the package too! A small package of gum (Cinnamon) and a fortune telling fish (a thin piece of plastic that when placed in your palm moves and you can get your fortune based off how it moves), so that was pretty cool. I was wondering why the package was rattling when I was bringing it in from the mailbox. Turns out it was the gum.
And so I present to you all, faithful blog readers, my body collection including my newest addition:Quite an assortment, right? The living Barbie body is the second one from the left. I swear one of these days, I'm going to have to focus all my time (and money) to getting heads for these bodies. I took that picture before I gave her a bath, and replaced that broken arm. And yes, I replaced that broken arm. I would just so happen to have a not broken left arm in my stash, thank you very much bag of random parts. It was a little harrowing pulling out the broken arm to replace it, but with a little work, some hot water, and some advice from a flickr friend I was able to do it. It was much easier putting the new arm in, it just clicked right into place and she had both arms working! And you know what that means, I've used another part from that bag. Meaning this body now shares the cost of the bag, lowering the cost of both Living Barbie (the first) and Sweet Sixteen Barbie. I'm too lazy to hunt down that post and crunch the numbers, but I'll remember.
Now I just need to find a head for her!

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  1. Hello from Spain: you were right to buy another body. It was very cheap. Sure to find another head pretty soon to put in the new body. Keep in touch.