Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It came Postage Due...(Sort of)

I didn't mention this before because it happened during my break from blogging, but it seems the moment I declared my break it was a free for all for people purchasing the items I had for sale. In three short days, I had four patterns sell, as well as an expensive (comparatively) doll. How come when I want to do nothing doll related, something keeps pulling me back in? These string of purchases finally pushed me over the edge for that big item I was saving up for. I wasn't exactly at the total amount that I needed, but I was certainly close enough to it. So I contacted the seller, asking a few questions, and asking if they'd be willing to lower the total price if I purchased several of the items I was looking at as a bundle (they said they would be willing to do that in the ad, so I wasn't just asking out of the blue). They got back to me and said they'd be willing to lower the price eighteen dollars. Which was a good deal, but I didn't have that much saved up, I was still short about fifteen dollars. Kindly, I was able to borrow that much from my parents (so I still have to pay some of it off), and I was able to buy it! My second biggest Barbie purchase of my life. This one is only three dollars shy of my most expensive Barbie purchase ever (so it was practically a tie). But it's totally worth it, they both were actually.
I did think waiting for it was going to kill me, you should know by now how terrible I am at waiting for stuff. I did pay for and received a tracking number, and I've been obsessively checking it all week, tracking it's progress. And it's been slow, so dreadfully slow. And of course it didn't get here on Saturday, meaning I had to wait until after Sunday for it to arrive. My mail seems to love making me wait on Sunday for it to get here. But I survived the wait, and it's here! I even took a picture of the box to share with the blog (and Flickr):You don't get to see what's inside it until tomorrow. Yeah, I'm a jerk like that. If I had to wait, that means you all are going to have to wait to. Don't worry, I'll make it worth your while. Besides it's not really photo ready yet. Everything inside needs a bit of a refresher after it's trip (and I think some refreshing was needed even before they made it into the mail). We're all about putting out best foot forward here at Aubrey's Mind, so I don't think you'll mind waiting one day longer, that's not too long of a wait.

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  1. Hello from Spain: the fate binds you to the blog of the dolls. I look forward to what you bought. keep in touch