Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Joe's Day is a two day celebration

Even though I spent all day sewing for Joe yesterday, today I wasn't finished working with him. You might have thought I burned myself out yesterday with all the sewing I did, but I hadn't. I wasn't even finished making him those shirts.
Apparently, just like Charlotte, Joe needs the exact same style of shirt in a variety of colors (Charlotte has blue, black, and the mostly worn, white). So while the yellow and blue ones were both lovely colors and an asset to Joe's wardrobe, he was still missing his basic white one. Like I said, it is the one Charlotte wears the most, so I figured he too would get the most use out of one as well. I was actually going to make the one I made yesterday white, but after I decided to make the plaid shorts I ended up going with the yellow instead. So today I decided to rectify that missing wardrobe option, and pulled out my white fabric and got to work. I was working along pretty quickly with this one (most of my issues had been figured out with the first two). Most of the issues, that is, until I ran into some new trouble. One of the hardest parts of these shirts (similar to the original pattern) is the collar. I did simplify it with Joe's shirt, but the new way involves some top stitching around the neck, highly visible top stitching. Of course when it matter's the most that's when my machine decides to go crazy. But I wanted to keep the collar set in place, so I ran a line of quick holding stitches in it. When I finally got the top stitching looking decent I went to pull out the holding stitches, and that's when it happened. One of the stupid holding stitches left a hole, in a highly visible area. One that I couldn't fix or hide. I was so mad! This shirt was basically done, then this happens! Grrr! I threw the shirt into the unfinished project box. I don't think I'll ever be able to save it, but it hurt too much to just throw it out after all that work.
But I wasn't done just yet. Even though I suffered such hardship with the first one, I still wanted to make that white shirt. So I gathered up my courage, and started again. This time I made sure I was very careful to get the collar in place on the first try. I don't need that mistake happening again. I'm really unwilling to make the shirt for the third time. But I'm pleased to say that Joe finally has his own white shirt. Now Charlotte and him can be one of those couple's that wear matching outfits. Yeah, one of "those" couples. (Just kidding, I doubt they'd go for that! Although he could wear his plaid shorts, and she could wear a plaid skirt... that could be cute.)
I wasn't even tired of sewing by the time I was done with that white shirt. I was however tired of sewing shirts, so I changed gears and made another pair of pants. These pants were again inspired by just having the fabric already on hand and thinking, "why not?". The pants should look familiar, or at least the fabric. It's that white, blue, and yellow plaid I bought for Ken's shirt. I had more than enough left over from that project to make these pants, and I was able to get another completed item from this fabric, which is always a good thing. These are exactly like his white pair from yesterday. They even taper in at the knee like the white ones. I do like that look. Not sure how much use he'll get out of these particular pants, but for the moment I'm just having fun making them. I know I swore off making him pants after I made the jeans (sewing denim is such a hassle), but using cotton is just so much easier. He's certainly getting enough pants to choose from!
And I still wasn't done just yet. Yesterday in order to find that white fabric I used for his pants I had to dump out the drawer that's jam packed with all the random fabrics that I've managed to accumulate, but have no idea if I'll ever use. I still hadn't put any of them away when a pair of men's boxer shorts caught my eye. I had gotten them them because they had a cool 60s' retro Hawaiian/geometric print/feeling. Even when I got them I had a bit of doubt if I'd actually ever use them, but I got them anyway (they were free). I was thinking that perhaps a Mod Ken would get a pair of surfer shorts out of them, but Joe beat him to the punch. So I made the shorts, basically the same as yesterday's pair, and I actually really like them on him. I'd say they quickly became my favorite pair of pants I made for him (so far). So sometimes it does pay to hoard fabrics for "someday".
With these newest shorts, I kind of wanted to make him another shirt. The shorts were just begging to be paired with a light blue shirt. But after I got the blue fabric, I realized I didn't have enough to make him a shirt from it (sad face). I guess I'm going to have to buy some more light blue fabric. To appease myself with having to wait, I ended up making him a new shirt, in red. I got all of the machine sewing done, but that's where I ran out of steam. I do plan on finishing it, eventually. For the time being I kind of just want to enjoy Joe and his new clothing. It's been quite a while since he's had so many options. Honestly, now that I think about it, this may be the first time he has had an actual selection to chose from. With his original body, his hands were so big he couldn't wear most of the Ken clothes I had, and when he got his upgrade his proportions became so weird nothing fit, and I was pretty lax on making him new clothes. So congrats Joe, you finally get your own clothes (just took you 19 years)!

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