Friday, April 20, 2012

Pinch those Pennies!

With the recent addition of those three Ponytail dolls it means two things, the first one is that I'm officially two dolls ahead in my 24 dolls per year average, and that it's time to switch to another money saving endeavor.
Now, a sane person would just now start looking for a new long term goal, or better yet start saving up to just save up, but when have I ever took the sane route? (A rhetorical question if I ever heard one.)
Yes, I already have the next save up for purchase located and desperately wanted. Again, it'll be a secret until I actually buy it, or it's no longer an option for me. Luckily for you this one is going to be cheaper than the last one, so hopefully you won't be kept in the dark over it for so long (and I'll be able to raise the funds in a decent amount of time). While it's going to be cheaper than the last one, it's actually more expensive per doll. This new one is going to fifty dollars (plus shipping), and only for one doll. But it's for a doll that I still don't have in the collection, and one that I really hope to be able to include. (But that's all I will say, I've already said too much!)
I'm not going to bother with that silly little money counter this time around. Last time I did that it caused me to obsess over it, and it quickly became wildly outdated. Instead I'll just comment on my progress, without any pictures. I can tell you right now I'm at zero, but more accurately less than zero. I still owe my parents for that fifteen they gave me so I could buy the ponytails. I plan on paying them back, but something has to sell for that to happen!
But I am also thinking of starting a new personal policy on purchases. After I purchase a complete doll, the next goal should be to raise the funds to purchase the missing parts for one of my incomplete dolls. Doesn't matter if it's a head or a body, but it must be something that completes one of the partial dolls I've managed to pick up this year. I'm sure this will fly right out the window the moment I find the next purchase after this current one, but I can at least pretend I'm trying. (And I do know where to get a P.J. and a Tuttie head...)
I know I say this a lot, but here's hoping something sells!

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