Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sad News Everyone...

I should start off with stating that I'm not back to blogging just yet (although that's not the sad news). Instead I have some sad news about a certain someone in the collection, and I'm keeping the blog up to date on whatever doll stuff that happens, however minor.
So the sad news is, I've decided to nix Skooter's outfit. I know, I was so close to having her dressed, but it's been a couple weeks and I still haven't bothered finishing her outfit. And when I'm that hesitant to finish making something, especially for a doll I've anguished over dressing for months, there's got to be a reason. And there's two big reasons why I've been putting off finishing Skooter's outfit.
The first issue is a design problem. One of the main features of the dress is the red jumper, which is cute, but also just an expanse of plain red fabric. I've tried a variety of things in order to give it a bit more decoration on the bodice. Beads, bows, and belts have all been tried but nothing seems to work. I know it needs something there, because without it, it just feels so empty. I just have no clue what to put there. So that's one strike against it, but a design issue like that wouldn't be enough to get an entire outfit cancelled. There's an even bigger issue that's came up that managed to be the death knoll for the outfit.
The other reason was a material issue. I didn't mention it before, but that red dotted fabric I bought a while back, (you know, the one I was so excited to find) while it looks almost the same as the fabric I used to have, there's a big difference. This new one is much thinner than the original one. It's so thin that when you hem it, you can clearly see thru the fabric to see the hemmed fabric on the other side. It's practically a sheer. And I'm not just talking about seeing the red dots from the other side, but also the plain white fabric. It's so disappointing because I was so excited to find this fabric, but it turns out I don't think I'll actually be able to use it for much. My girls are not much for exhibitionism! Lately I've noticed the fabrics I've been buying have been thinner and thinner, and I've been making do, but this is much too thin. I could make the shirt with a different fabric, but the fabric was a big part of why I liked the outfit as a whole. So without it, I don't really see the outfit getting finished or used. I could still come back to it eventually. I mean the jumper is finished, and I do love going back on my words for some reason.
I'm sure Skooter will find her clothes, eventually. Just cross that outfit off the list! (Darn it!)

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  1. You'll figure it out or find the outfit/fabric that will work for Skooter. Don't sweat the small stuff :O)