Saturday, April 21, 2012

Seeing Double, but Not!

I'm going to start this post off with a picture:While it may look very familiar, but it's actually something new.
This is the second garment rack, the one that I talked about making a while back then never mentioned again. The reason why it wasn't mentioned again was simple, no progress had been made on it. After I bought all the supplies and got it prepped for drilling, the project stalled. There wasn't anything actually keeping me from finishing it, I was just lacking the motivation to get the two holes drilled in it. A few days ago I decided it was high time to finish it (I have enough unfinished projects laying around here, might as well finish something). Besides when I got all those new hangers I went through and selected some clothes I wanted to hang up. They've been a pile on my desk and I was tired of dealing with it, so that was another push to getting the silly thing finished and in use.
So I was able to get the holes drilled in it. After that all I needed to do was cut the dowel to size, tape up the ends and hammer them into the holes, then I was done. I ended up making this rack bigger than the first one. I don't remember the exact measurements, but it's several inches wider.
Once it was finished I put it in it's place and reveled in it's new-ness. I also picked up the clothes and started hanging them on their new rack. I even went though Charlotte's garment rack and took out the few clothing pieces that were there that wasn't hers (Ashley's school girl outfit, Vanessa's Christmas dress, and some other stuff) and transferred them to the new rack. But when I stepped back to admire the two of them... Charlotte's rack still looked cramped, and the other one looked very empty. So on a whim I switched them. I gave Charlotte the bigger one. It actually looked better, although won't do her much favors in trying to convince people I don't spoil her. Although, this happening shouldn't have been too much of a surprise since her clothes are pictured on the rack above. At least I didn't have to give her both racks (yet, who knows how big her wardrobe will end up being).
I like the set up now, it's just much more organized, and I'm able to find select pieces of clothing easier without having to dig through my bags of excess clothes (which is also rapidly filling up).
There are two problems that come with this new set up though, I don't know if I can keep the space in front of the second rack cleared, and NOW I NEED MORE HANGERS!

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