Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some thoughts for the first of the month...

Did you know that last month, I dressed three dolls? (Technically, even though I made Living Barbie's dress an earlier month). Really you should since I just got two of them done yesterday, just in the nick of time.
It's a personal best for the year, but it does tie with February's grand total. So far this year I've managed to dress seven dolls. January was a particularly dry month, with only one doll moving from the party pad to the collection, but I managed to get three dolls dressed the next two months, so that's pretty good. Much better than my average of one doll per month that I had last year, which is really where most of this current back log of nude dolls came from. Here's hoping that progress like that will continue. Because while I am chipping away at the piles of undressed dolls, I keep adding to it, undermining my own successes. (It's a sickness!)
So far out of the seven dressed dolls this year, only one of them was a doll I had from last year. Most of the dressed dolls so far this are are dolls I got just this year. So while I'm managing to keep the numbers plateaued, I'm not making too much progress on dolls that I've had for a while. Which makes sense since the ones I've had a while they're still undressed because I can't figure out how to dress them. The new dolls are new, so I haven't run out of ideas for them yet. But since I got that one Ken doll dressed, it shows I can make progress on the older dolls. I just need to find the right motivation. I do look forward to the day when all the dolls have moved out from the Party Pad (not really, because who will I work on then???), but right now it does look a lot less crowded. I was able to finally seat everyone and not need to have a couple people standing up in the back. While I'm still just as obsessive on getting them all dressed, I do feel a bit better when it looks not as jam packed.
So I wonder if I'll be able to keep my numbers up for April, or gasp, beat it? (I doubt I'll actually dress four dolls, I don't think I've ever dressed that many, except for last Christmas and that was just making holiday dresses for already dressed dolls). But one can always hope!

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