Friday, April 13, 2012

Talking about the *Spark* ZAP! Revealed!

Okay, I didn't get a lot of replies to my little contest I posted yesterday (Zero to be exact), but even still it's time to share with you all the answers. So without further adieu here's what each original outfit inspired, followed with a brief description of the changes I made to them.
A) Superstar Barbie's Dress

Changes: Mainly the fabric since I knew I wasn't going to find a matching print locally. I did keep the silhouette the same, as well as the matching gold belt. One of my favorite dresses!

B) TNT Skipper's Dress

Changes: Not a whole lot. The only thing that I changed with this was the black and white striped panel became red and white, only because I had it on hand. I do kind of like the red and white better.

C) Sweet Sixteen's dress that ended up with Charlotte.Changes: This one was actually a bit of a trick question because when I was looking for an image of a doll wearing it, I couldn't find one. I guess I never shared this dress before on the blog. Sorry about that, it wasn't intentional! There's very minor changes from the original to my version. I changed the sheer bow at the neckline for a ribbon one, got rid of the double line of ribbon at the collars and cuffs (would not work on that scale), but I added a double row to the skirt. A few minor changes, but still somewhat effective.

D) American Girl's DressChanges: This was is pretty much an exact copy of the source. I kept the color, silhouette, and even the jewel on it, except I moved it from the waist. I did add the gloves, shoes, purse, and hat, so I did change it a little.

E) The Steampunk Dress
Changes: Yes, the infamous steampunk dress. This image was really the launching point for making it. There's a lot similar, but a lot different as well. The basic shapes are the same, but there's a lot I changed. I kept the brown and white coloring of the original, but eliminated the blue sash, but added the black bodice. Mine doesn't have the cameo at the neck (a design element that I really wanted to include), but I added the key and chain at the waist. You can see how the steampunk dress was influenced greatly from this design, but I think I made it my own!

F) Brunette Ponytail's Dress and Jacket Changes: This outfit takes mainly the silhouette from the inspiration picture. They're both sheath dresses with same fabric short jackets. I did eliminate the folded over effect on the bodice since I didn't care for it, plus I didn't know how to make it. The biggest change was fabric selection. I didn't even try to match the medium blue Hawaiian print, I like the one I went with much better (I really like this print, three dolls wear it in the collection).

G) Mary Clair's Christmas Dress

Changes: And last but not least, we have Mary Clair's Christmas dress (originally made for Charlotte). This one is relatively the same as the one worn by Minnie Mouse, with a few minor changes. I eliminated the white fabric at the base of the skirt, and the self faced buttons. I did replace the red buttons with white pearl beads. A few minor tweaks that really improved the dress to me. I know I liked it, I left her wearing it until March!

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  1. Sorry, see what happens when you skip a blog day or 2. I'm just now reading on your contest. I like your interpretation of the ensembles pictured on a couple of dolls.