Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This Tuesday was more like Joe's Day

I woke up this morning to the internet being out. And since my father worked last night, he was in bed sleeping so I couldn't knock on my parent's door to ask them to restart it. So I was forced to be unconnected for a while, but my World Wide seclusion was Joe's lucky day.
I've been thinking more and more about how I've been neglecting him. Back when I was waiting for his new body I had all these grandiose plans for his new wardrobe. One that would even rivals Charlotte's or at the very least be a decent companion to it. But it wasn't meant to be. Once his body arrived between figuring out how to get his neck on right, and all the trouble with drafting patterns, I just wasn't in the right mindset to work with him. I made him one pair of pants (his jeans), and once I figured out that one Myscene boy's top I had fit him (like a dream), he was sort of stuck wearing that. I didn't even bother finishing the black pants I had made for him (or at least the second pair since I messed up the first one).
And it was certainly not like I was in love with what he was wearing. I did like the jeans, but the shirt was just passable. But I wasn't ready to start drafting patterns again, it's always such a chore. But it did get me thinking about back when I was started sewing. Before I was comfortable with (or had access to) a machine, but still unsatisfied with what was on the market I started making those jersey knit turtlenecks for the dolls. They're still a popular outfit choice in the collection since about 20 dolls in the collection still wear something made from that pattern, however adapted. Even Charlotte has a couple things from it on her garment rack that she goes back to from time to time (she's wearing her white turtleneck shirt as I type actually). They're simple to make, don't need a lot of work to get a decent fit, and I already had a pattern drafted for modern sized Ken's, so I didn't have to start from scratch to make one for Joe.
I tried on a Ken shirt made from that pattern, noted the size differences on Joe and got to work. I drafted a pattern, took out some yellow jersey, and got to work. I was learning as I went. There's a few things that need some tweaks, but for the most part the shirt came out pretty decent. I actually changed how I put in the collar compared to the Barbie sized ones. It's now much more simplified, but still looks good. (Joe will always needs a high collar since his neck isn't actually a neck, it's actually made from plastic canvas cut to size). I finished the shirt today, including sewing in three snaps in the back. I liked it so much, I made it again, this time in a dark blue, changing a few things that I learned from the yellow one. I even finished that one too.
And I wasn't even done just yet! Yes, he got shirts, (for the first time) but he needed some new pants. Well, actually shorts. It's been so dreadfully hot lately I've felt bad that's he's been stuck wearing long sleeves and heavy jean pants. So I wanted to make him some shorts. I wanted to use the green, blue, and yellow plaid I have. That's why I made his shirt yellow, I wanted to pick up the small traces of yellow in the plaid. These are made exactly the same as his jeans, only shorter. I say that because I used the same pattern, but folded up the legs. I ended up making them shorter than modern shorts. These fall above the knee for a more vintage look. What can I say, I like vintage! I even made them with the false pockets. It's slightly more work, but I love being able to put Joe's hands in his pockets. Honestly, the work is far less than the enjoyment I get from being able to do that! I even incorporated it into the last pair of Ken shorts I made, I think it's going to be a "from now on" sort of thing.
But I wasn't done just yet, believe it or not. Seeing Joe with his new shirt and retro look I decided he needed some white pants. (How 60s' is that, a colored turtleneck shirt with white pant?). I found some thicker white fabric in my stash (which frays like it's going out of style) for them and got to work. These are exactly like Joe's jeans, except I took in the legs. Since they were so straight from the thighs to the floor they looked odd and bulky on him. Almost like painter's pants. But I did learn my lesson from that messed up pair of dress pants from a while ago. I didn't take any fabric in from the thighs, this time I started at the knees. (Making sure I didn't take in too much!) I tapered them carefully, making sure I left enough for his legs to go though. I even finished them today. I think I may have to give them a bit of a wash, but I really like them. Who knew that Joe would favor the same vintage styles I do? (Ha!) That's all I managed to get done for him today, but I certainly think it's enough. I completely made four clothing pieces for him. I don't think even Charlotte's gotten that kind of progress. I practically doubled his wardrobe, the poor thing. But at least I made some sort of dent in his "must haves" clothing list!
(And let me tell you, I sewed eight snaps today, a personal record.)

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