Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's in the Box?!?!?!? The Conclusion

Since yesterday I talked about the sole brunette from the box today is time to discuss and share with you the two blondes that were in there as well.
First up we have a blonde number five:She was the most expensive of the three dolls, but she's also in the best condition. Her face paint is in really wonderful shape with only two chips on her lip paint (one of the best face paints of my collection). She does have her share of issues though, she does have the worst green ear of the three. I spent some time after I got her dredging out green sludge from her earring holes with a needle and thread. It's a lot less noticeable now compared to how she arrived. She also suffers from greasy face, and she was practically dripping when she arrived. I've never seen greasy face that bad. I think part of the problem was that she was wrapped in plastic when I got her. All the dolls were bagged separately in plastic bags in the box, but she also had a small plastic bag wrapped around her head. I think she was a bit greasy, so someone (naively), wrapped her head in plastic hoping it wouldn't spread to the other dolls. Instead they made it worse. The seller freely admits they purchased the dolls from a collector and isn't knowledgeable on them, so who knows how long she was in that plastic bag, could have been years. I ended up giving her a dusting with talcum powder twice, once before her bath, and once after. I know I ended up washing off what I put on before her bath, but she really needed it soaked up. She looks much better afterwards. I think that's where that green ear sludge came from, it was her greasy residue reacting with her green ear. Ick! After her bath I worked on her hair, her hair is the longest of any ponytail I own. When I got her she had a bit of ancient tulle wrapped in her hair. I took that out and replaced it with rubber bands. I was able to locate her top knot stand (the bit of hair that was longer than the rest so it could wrap around the top of her ponytail), so I was able to reproduce her original hair style. I also braided it for fun, to give a little variety among the ponytail dolls. Her hair (no doubt aided by the greasy residue) has oxidized into the most beautiful two tone strawberry hair color.
She's on a Barbie only body, which is in lovely shape, except for one thing. For some reason her right arm is really dark compared to the rest of her. Out of the three dolls, it's only happened to her, and only on one arm. I held it up against Malibu Barbie, and it's actually only a few shades different from the Malibu skin tone. No idea how that could happen to just one part of her. If it was some sort of plastic aging, I would have thought it would have happened to the other arm as well, and if it was damage (smoke, sun) wouldn't other parts of her be affected too? It's really weird. Other than that she's in really good shape, all her fingers and toes, just the usual very minor play wear. Other than the arm discoloring, and green ear, and the minor lip rubs she'd be a really great condition doll, one that could belong in even the pickiest of collections. How the heck did she end up here?
And finally we have the last doll from the box, a blonde number four. Here's her picture:I'm pleased to announce that's she's officially my oldest Barbie. I know I say this a lot, but I never thought I'd ever own one of the older dolls. She's actually quite different from all the other dolls I own. The biggest thing is, she's got a solid torso. I wasn't expecting this, so when I picked her up I was shocked on how much heavier she is than all the others! Another different is her legs and arms are of a different material than the other ones, she's a lot more pliable. I think that's exclusive to number fours, I think earlier dolls aren't as "rubbery" (for a lack of a better term). Body wise she's in good shape, all her fingers, lots of toe and finger nail polish. I kind of think her legs might have some yellowing going on, but if she does it's very minor. But I could be wrong and that's just the color of her legs.
Her head is okay, no neck splits or nose nips. She does have the most paint wear of the three, with lots missing on her eyelash ridges, eyebrows, and lips, but that's something that eventually I can get fixed. I did noticed something unusual about her, her head is kind of lose. It easily turns without much force on the neck knob, is that normal? None the other dolls have anything like that. I mean even just picking her up, her head can shift, it's weird. It's a little wobbly. She also has very minor green ear, but it's very faint. When she arrived she did have a little bit of a greasy face, but that could have been because she was stored in that plastic bag for who knows how long. I don't think these dolls usually develop greasy faces. I 'm wondering if it's just residue from being stored in the bag. Here's hoping it doesn't come back, she's already been dusted with the talcum powder.
Her hair is in decent shape. I didn't learn this until after I got her that she'd had a small haircut. Looks like some child wanted to give her side burns, so on both sides of her head the hair in front of her ears has been trimmed. It wasn't cut as close to the head as children normally do, the hair's about a centimeter long. So there's enough to be able to slick it back. One side is a little easier to hide than the other, for some reason the left side just wants to stick straight out. I'm going to have to do something to help keep it back. It looks weird sticking straight out! Other than that her hair is in good shape. I couldn't find her top knot strand, so I didn't wrap anything around her ponytail. She didn't get a full dunk into water like the other girls because when I was examining her, I noticed something else that was different. Under her hair, she still has some of her original flocking! My first Barbie doll with that!
I just love her! (She's my favorite of the bunch!)
Now that they're purchased and delivered, now it's time to start dressing them! But I should point out, with these three dolls, I'm now a full month ahead for my projected two dolls a month average. Either I'm going to have some dry months ahead, or this year is going to be higher than average. Now it's time to research 1950s' fashion! My favorite era!

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