Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's in the Box?!?!?!?

All right, I've left you all in the dark long enough. It's time to reveal what was in the box, and what I've been saving up for the past couple of month (although if you're friends with me on Flickr you should already know by now). But even though I didn't let you be the first to know, I will be sharing some new to you information, so if you read the Flickr stuff this still may be of interest to you. But enough of the set it, it's time for the grand reveal, here's what I've been saving up for:Amazing right? That one box brought me three, read it, three ponytail Barbie dolls. Can you believe it??? This one purchase more than doubled the number of ponytail dolls I had. We've gone from two, to five. I almost can't believe it myself. Pay no mind to their clothing and props. I was just making the picture more silly for the people on Flickr, plus I didn't want to just take a bunch of naked pictures of them. I'm try to class this joint up people! You might recognize what the Brunette is wearing, that is Sweet Sixteen's underwear. She borrowed them for the photo shoot. The other two are just wearing stuff I had in the undergarment bag. That well used baby doll pajama top is one that I've had since I was younger. The strawberry set is one that I bought recently, and never used, which is why it's still white. I like that one the best on the vintage gals, it suits their looks the best.
So that's everyone that arrived in the box. Now that you've seen everyone, it's time for individual introductions. I may end up splitting this up into two posts and saving the rest of it for tomorrow, since there's a lot to talk about and I'm still not up for hardcore blogging yet. I'm going to start with the brunette ponytail. I think she's a number five, but I could be wrong. I did some research and I'm kind of leaning towards her being a number seven. It would explain why she's on a Midge/Barbie body. She was the cheapest doll from the group that I bought, she was actually a little less than half of what the other two each cost. She does have more damage than the other two. Her lips have been repainted in a very bright cherry red. I'm not totally in love with them, they're a little too different from the original Barbie lips for my taste. They have a little too much height, and not enough width. Also they're shape is a little unusual. They're a bit weird looking. Right now I'm leaving them as it, I am toying with the idea of removing them (my other brunette ponytail is already totally without lip paint, so it's not that big of a deal), but I hate doing something so permanent. Also I'm worried about if the paint stained her skin. I'd hate to remove the lip paint and have to deal with an ugly red blotch instead. I'm going to leave it as is and see if it grows on me. Honestly, once she's dressed, I doubt I'll be looking at her that up close. While (I assume) her original lip paint was rubbed off, the rest of her paint is in great condition. Her eyebrows are all there, and her eyes only have the slightest rub to the ridges. She does have very faint green ear (in fact all of the dolls have it), but it's very minor. In fact since taking these pictures I used a needle to clean out her ears and the green is even less noticeable. So, good for that. She has had a hair cut, but only in the back. Luckily it's still long enough that she can put it into a ponytail (I do not want to have to re-root a ponytail, that's a nightmare). When she first arrived her hair was really stiff. I don't know what was in it, but it was not pleasant. Luckily everyone got a bath after they showed up, so I worked on washing out whatever was in her hair. I also took down her top knot. This girl does not have enough hair to spare wrapping it around her ponytail. I still need to do a little work on her hair, but it looks much better than how she arrived, it wasn't hard to improve her, she looked much better just after I took the broken rubber bands out of her hair!
Her body is in pretty good shape. Like I said she has a Midge/Barbie body. She has all her fingers and it looks like a generous amount of nail polish. I believe her polish was also redone since there's a lot of it, and it looks like it stained the back of her fingers. Not much to say about her body, she has the usual play wear, but is still in good shape. I'd say she is comparable in condition to my other brunette ponytail, but was a much lower price. And I should point out that she's the reason why I have all the other dolls. I found her first online, and since she was so cheap I was going to get her and only her, but after my first saving up thing fell through, I changed gears to get the other two dolls as well. So her sister's can thank her for having them join the collection. (Or blame her, I don't know where they stand on their feelings of me!)
Stay tuned tomorrow for the other two, or just pop over to Flickr for a sneak preview!
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  1. congrats on your new girls! I've never seen a ponytail in person, it must be cool to own them.

  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your new purchases. They are beautiful dolls. These are very elegant antique Barbies. Keep in touch.