Friday, May 11, 2012

An Accidental Dressing

I dressed a doll today, but I didn't mean to.
Today was a busy day full of non-doll stuff, I won't bore you this time with the details, plus I don't care to rehash all that happened today. It wasn't until the late evening that I actually started doing anything with the dolls. Since I don't have any fashion plans in the works, it was time to do some research and see what I could find.
I started doing some online searches for 50s' fashions. I won't lie, I looked for a while, and didn't see anything of interest. Eventually I gave up discouraged about what little I found that I liked. But it did get me thinking. I really shouldn't be spending so much time on 50s' fashion right now. It is my favorite (and I believe strongest) era to work it. I should be savoring the fact that I have dolls to dress from that era. I really should focus on the 60s', or the 70s' instead. I have plenty of dolls from all the eras at the moment, I should work with the trickier ones now, and save the more "fun" ones for later.
This realization gave me a second wind for research, but I didn't want to look up by era, instead I decided to do a specific search on a doll I'm trying to dress. That way I get to see how other people have dressed that doll and I get to figure out exactly what I do and do not like on her. I picked one of the new dolls to focus my attention on, Malibu Skipper to be exact. I typed her name into the Flickr search bar and started me search. I found some things I liked, but then I found something I really liked. It was Malibu Skipper wearing a outfit from a more modern doll. While I didn't love the exact outfit, I did like it's nautical look. I will always love nautical inspired clothing, forever and ever. Seeing that made me remember something. I had a nautical inspired Skipper dress already made. I made it for Skooter, and while I didn't like it on her, I still finished it. At the moment it was on my Frankie doll, but she was wearing it because it was the last thing I stuck her in. It didn't fit or anything. So I took it off Frankie and put it on Skipper. It was cute, really cute. I ended up giving her a pair of white flats, and pulling back the sides of her hair and tying them with a ribbon to complete the look. Here's a picture of it:I think it's very cute! Although I will admit that I like it as a "for now" outfit. I've always pictured Malibu Skipper in more of a sportier outfit, so this one will just be for the time being. I think she'll end up getting another outfit eventually. But this keeps her out of the Party Pad. Which is a good thing, there's no room to breathe over there. (Not that any of those dolls breathe or anything!)

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