Friday, May 25, 2012

And Repeat... sigh...

I had a hard decision to make this morning. The underskirt I made yesterday, just wasn't going to work. The bottom hem just ended up being too long. When alone on a doll the lace at the bottom was almost reaching the floor, but when you added the fabric of a skirt on top of it, it made the tulle sag and made it much too long. In order to use it as it, I'd have to add an underskirt under it, or lengthen Charlotte's legs.
I felt it was easier to just remake it and raising the hem on the bottom part. Also this way I could fix a few issues that happened when I made the first one. So that's what I did today. This is basically the exact same skirt as yesterdays, but with a shorter bottom hem. I used the same measurements and everything. Luckily I have lots of that lace to use for it. Honestly I still have lots of it. I could remake this underskirt several times and still have enough lace.
While I hate having to remake something I already finished, I am happier with this second one. And the first one can still be used. The only thing wrong with it is that it's too long. I can always just tuck it under when using it with a dress. (I know I could have done that with this dress, and not remade it, but I want this dress to be perfect.) Is it sad that I like Charlotte just wearing the underskirt? It's just so pretty and feminine. She's like a princess getting ready for a ball!

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