Sunday, May 27, 2012

And the walls came tumbling down.

I had the Party Plaza collapse on me today. This morning I selected two dolls from it to move elsewhere (Skooter and and Ricky). Ricky's foot caught TNT Skipper's leg and he managed to knock her from the top floor. She hit one of the posts on her way down to the ground. I guess she hit the post at just the right angle because the entire thing buckled. Knocking dolls this way and that as the entire thing went down. I was lucky to be right there so I was able to grab the entire thing before it hit the sewing table it's housed on. After the dust settled I was able to look at the damage. Luckily most things got out relativity unharmed. One of the railings on the circular stairs got bent, but I think some superglue should repair it. And the sewing chest got a nasty 2" long scratch on it. I'm more mad about that then the damage to the stairs. I already took some walnuts to it to help "erase" the scratch. I left them on all day to help the oil soak into the wood, and it seemed to help. I didn't bother with trying to fix the party plaza. I just packed it away and stuck it in the closet. It's just not sturdy enough for me to feel comfortable leaving the dolls on it anymore. I think they all got out unscathed, but I'm not going to chance them getting hurt if it happens again. I also have some more delicate figures under the Party Plaza. I think I was able to catch it before it fell on them, but if it happened again and I wasn't so quick they could get crushed. I'm just going to have find a better way to store these dolls. I thinking the best way now would to just put them on the sewing cabinet. It'll be less fancy than using the Party pad, but safer. Right now they're all camped out on Charlotte's shelf before I move them back to the tabletop.
And I really didn't need to move Ricky and Skooter, the two that caused this mess. The only reason why I moved them is because I got a crazy idea to see how many of each era I had left to dress. I was taking those two off to start the vintage pile when the whole thing collapsed. But even after the destruction I still wanted to group everyone up and see where things fell (no pun intended). Did you know the 50's is the biggest group still waiting to be dressed? Six dolls are from that era (I put Misty in that group, but I wasn't totally sure if she belonged there or in the 60's). There's three dolls in the 60's group, and only two in the 70's! I sure do a lot of complaining about a section that has the least number of dolls. I did have two stragglers, Monster High Frankie and Sweet Sixteen. I'm not planning on dressing them in era specific clothing, so I didn't count them with the others. I don't know about you, but I found that information very interesting.
But my day wasn't filled with just counting the dolls and dealing with the aftermath of the Party Pad collapse, I also went out. Not shopping like usual, this was another glasses related trip. I was headed to Greensboro to a large mall to visit the closest Lenscrafters. I was actually a bit more prepared for this trip. I had looked up online their selection. Like the other stores, for some reason it's slim pickings for oval glasses, most of them are rectangular (ick). But I did see one that I liked, so we headed out to the store to see if they looked as good in person as they did online.
I know it was a Sunday, and a holiday weekend, but the mall was very crowded. I won't lie, it was a bit intimidating with all those people. I haven't been in crowds a lot lately, so I had a bit of a reservation about it. It's funny, I'm planning on moving to NYC, one of the most crowded places in the USA and here I'm getting a little anxiety from a crowded mall. It's just most of my days I deal with three other people max, so I'm not used to all those people. Once I get back into practice with dealing with crowds I'll be fine.
Anyway, Lenscrafters, was a total disappointment. The frames I looked at online were in the store, but they were much longer in person than how they looked online. They must have been at least a half inch longer than I was expecting. And I really did not want that. My glasses are not weirdly small or anything, so I have no idea why it's so impossible to find something similar. I did see a pair that was really close to what I had, but they were in a icky brown/brass color. We asked the salesclerk if they had black, but they didn't. I really, really, really do not want brown. I've had brown before, not a fan. I felt really bad dragging my dad to Greensboro and not finding anything that I wanted. I do feel bad for being so picky, but when I'm going to have to wear them every single day for years, I want to at least like them.
Our next plan is to go to the second local eye doctor on Wednesday. Hopefully they'll have something I'll like, otherwise I don't know what I'll do, I am rapidly running out of time.

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