Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another Productive Day!

Today, I did not go out. Just thought I should mention it, since lately I've been going out a lot more than usual. I also wrote out and stuck with my to-do list, getting the entire thing finished today. And that's including returning an e-mailing to a friend that I've been letting anguishing in my inbox for over a week now.
And I know I should have gotten back to him sooner, but... this may sound terrible, I really didn't want to. He's a friend that I was close with in High School, but after we graduated, we took different paths. We did keep in touch, but as time went on I found less and less in common with him. And sometimes I find he can be a little... unenlightened in his thinking, and that means I can't always be myself. Normally he's a great guy, but (as we all do), he has his issues. Now I'd be fine just having a Christmas/Birthday card friendship with him, but he does e-mail me, and I do try to e-mail him back, but when I let it go for a while I feel bad having left it for so long, and usually just delete it after a while. But maybe I'm being a bit of an unfair jerk, he clearly appreciates me as a friend, and has kept better in contact with me than most of my college friends. Maybe I should stop being a bad friend and just e-mail him back more often. Oh well, I will do what I do.
But also on the to-do list was working with Skipper. Today's goal was to finish her top. So I did that, reinforcing seams and adding two snaps. You know, the usual. I also played around her hair. After getting rid of the ruffle on the bottom of her outfit, I felt she needed something else. It was looking kind of plain. I tried several different hair looks, including pigtails with ribbon, and even going as far as making several beaded ponytail holders to go in her hair, neither of which worked. Took me hours making those beaded pigtail holders, and I didn't even use them. That stung. Eventually I just settled for a simple thin white ribbon headband. I also made that today. She was able to keep her white flats from her other outfit, they still worked. And like that she was dressed! Here's her new outfit:I really like this, I'm glad that everything worked out. I didn't mention this, but her top is made from vintage fabric. I bought a random bag of scraps from the Christian United Outreach Store a while back. A lot of them are too small to be of much use, but I was able to get this top out of it, so that's good. I like this much better than what I had her in the other day, it just seems to work for her than that dress. And with this dressing it means that this month has been a two doll dressed month! I wonder if I'll get a third one dressed in the time I have left? I'd really love that, there's so many dolls over on the Party Plaza there's not even enough room for everyone to be seated!

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