Saturday, May 26, 2012

Back again???

Another lazy day around here. I had a really hard time finding any motivation to get myself into gear. That's been the case a lot lately for some reason. I need something good (or not too bad) to shake myself out of this funk that I've settled into. It's a weird place to be in.
I did end up going out today. I was going to skip it, but I needed to go out for a couple things. Also I needed to do some glasses shopping. Yesterday I went to the place where I got my eyes tested, and couldn't find a pair that I liked. Unfortunately, the other glasses place was closed today. So I wasn't going to be checking any there today. There was another option, the Walmart Vision center. So we headed over there to see what we could see.
I actually did find something I liked, practically the moment we walked in. It was a pair of frames very similar to the ones I have now in shape. The lenses were actually just slightly smaller, and they they were even black! But they were part of the 8 dollar frame deal, which is a little worrisome. I know Walmart is all about buying in bulk to pass along the savings, but for something so low in cost, some cost cutting efforts have to have been made. And I don't want to risk them breaking. I'm going to need to use these glasses for a long time, every day. I was just browsing there today and I hadn't bothered to bring my prescription so even if I wanted to I couldn't get them. And I wasn't ready to make a commitment just yet, I needed to see what other people were saying about these type of frames. I'm not willing to rush into anything just yet, especially at Walmart (even though time is rapidly running out).
Since I was still in Walmart but out of the vision center I decided to take a whirl around the store. I haven't been there in forever since I decided to cut them out of my life. In the toy section I saw one Operetta, my first time seeing that doll in person. She's interesting and I was glad to see her I'm not really interested in her. I haven't been bitten by the Monster High bug. I also took the time to look at the Barbie stuff, and was totally underwhelmed. It's pretty sad when I think about it, I just do not care. I used to be sad and dejected when I didn't see anything that I wanted, but now I couldn't care less. That's just how things are in the Barbie world. I know I'm not their intended market (never was actually), but absolutely nothing interested me in the slightest. Just a fact.
I also checked out their fabric section. I stopped going there when they were bringing it back, so the last time I saw it it was half filled, at best. It's now fully stocked, but it's really hard to find anything. I think it's just organized by color, and not always. Not by fabric type or anything logical like that. I was trying to find some simple white calico (since Hobby Lobby was out the last time I was there), but I could not find it for the life of me. I checked that entire section at least twice and could not find it. I did see some several fabrics that I liked, including some that I had before and used up that I would like to get again, but no white calico. I also didn't see any red dotted Swiss. I saw several other colors, but no red. They had at least three bolts of hot pink dotted Swiss. Is that really that popular to warrant that many different bolts? So I left Walmart without glasses or fabric. Ha! You didn't get my money! Jerks!
The thrift stores were also all busts. My father and I didn't get a single thing at all three of them. I don't think that's ever happened before, usually one of us can find something. I was hoping to find some white fabric at the Christian second hand store, but no luck.
Since we were in the area and I still hadn't found what I needed, I asked if I could stop into Hobby Lobby. It's been a Hobby Lobby heavy week, this is the third time this week I've been there, and each time I've left with several different items. I'm thinking another no Hobby Lobby months will soon be in order.
The goal of this trip was to get some white fabric. I'm making progress on Charlotte's dress, but without that fabric I can only make the skirt. I'm going to need white for parts of the bodice. I hate being stuck like that. Even though I'm not at that point yet, I'll be more comfortable knowing I have all the supplies I need. I ended up checking the fabric section to see if they got the cheaper stuff in. Shockingly they did! There was a brand new big bolt of it there! My happiness was short lived. This new bolt? Terrible. It was basically a sheer. I held my hand under it, you could see every detail under it. Also the threads weren't even even. You could clearly some were thicker than others. It was like cheesecloth. I'm not even kidding when I say that broadcloth was a much better choice than this. I don't know if they're trying to force people to buy the more expensive stuff, but that fabric was terrible. I could not and would not use it. I ended up going back to the remnant section and checking to see if that bit of white fabric I put back last time was still there. It was, so I ended up getting it. I'm going to have to be frugal with my white fabric usage. If Hobby Lobby is going to start pulling tricks like that, I'm going to have to stop shopping there for solid fabrics, and find somewhere else to get them. I guess I can still use them for prints, but not solids. They're must be a cheaper place out there.
But with the white fabric in hand I wasn't done yet. I also picked up some new sewing machine needles. I only have one left, and with my dad's jean repair slated for soon I worry about it breaking. Denim always manages to break my needles and I'd hate to have my last one snap and be left waiting until I get to the store to get more. Also they were half off. If my needle broke, I'd have to pay full price after today, and I'm anything if not frugal. And speaking of frugal, I still had that 40 percent off coupon in my phone, and I hated not using it. But everything I bought today was on sale, meaning I couldn't use it on them. I looked around and thought about making a whim purchase. But I ended up selection a spool of white thread to use the coupon on. I'm super close to finishing up the spool I have (Every time I use it I think it'll be the last time), and if I ran out I'd be at a standstill in my project until the next time I get to the store. Now I have it and don't have to worry about that. I was able to use that same coupon for the THIRD time this week! I was lucky to have a different person checking me out each time, I'm sure I'd be recognized as a repeat user and get kicked out!
Back at home I didn't get right to work with my new supplies. Instead I looked up those Walmart glasses. Turns out several people have had issues with them breaking on them, which worries me. I really don't think I should get them. I just wish there was a perfect solution. Getting new glasses should be so hard! This should be a fun experience, and not such a hassle!

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