Thursday, May 31, 2012

Biting the Bullet

I got up bright and early this morning. Today I was heading to Greensboro again to get my glasses from Lenscrafters. I figured that since I was going to be unsatisfied either way when buying them, I might as well be unhappy with the cheapest pair.
But before we headed there, we made a quick pit stop to one of the Antique stores, per my insistence. I would have stopped in yesterday, but they're closed on Wednesdays. But honestly what I wanted could wait, it's been there long enough. What I was buying was a Jem doll. Now I don't collect Jem, usually I have no interest in her. But lately I've been seeing more and more of her on Flickr. And you know me and my Monkey see, Monkey do mentality. I wanted one, just to have one. Luckily I had a quick way to get one. Like I said she's been there forever, I'd say at least a year. She was marked for twelve dollars, but in the half off section. My dad talked to the people working there, and managed to get her for five. She came wearing a dress, but it's not hers, I believe it's handmade. It's nice, but not my style (especially that super sheer skirt). Jem (or as it said on her price tag Gem) is in pretty decent shape. All her joint click. I'd say she was a decent buy. Now that I have one I can get over wanting one. And like usual with these doll "lusts" (for a lack of a better word) I'll grow tired of her, then I can sell her. At least I'll be getting Jem out of my system. Plus I had to toy to play with for the long car ride ahead.
After I had her it was time to head to Greensboro. We went back to Lenscrafters, where we were actually helped by the same woman as last time, she remembered us. I thought I still had a decision to make, either go with the smaller pair in brown, or the larger pair in black. But the brown pair was gone, all that was left was the black. I was actually leaning towards the brown pair, but them being gone didn't upset me, it was just another slight this glasses ordeal has given me, add it to the pile. So I went with the black pair. I ended up getting all of the bells and whistles with it. All of them except for their thirty dollar year long replacement program. Since I've been using the same pair of glasses for seven years I felt paying that much for coverage that only lasted a year was a bit much. I'm really not that rough on my glasses. So after we paid for my glasses (240 AFTER insurance), we had some time to kill. It was going to take an hour to make them, so we could play around in Greensboro during that time.
We originally set out to visit Joanne's Fabrics, but plans changed when on route we found several second hand stores. I decided to visit them instead. I just don't need to visit Joanne's right now, it was really just because we were in the area. It's not like I'm looking for anything in particular from them at the moment. The thrift stores were a bust, nothing exciting in either of them. Since we were in Greensboro I thought about visiting Tuesday Mornings. I looked it up on the GPS and it wasn't that far from us, so we ended up going there, but not exactly. Turns out Tuesday Morning moved, and the GPS was to the old address, so we ended up in this creepy parking lot in a old strip mall sort of deal. In a funny note, I now know where The Doll Market moved to. I thought about stopping in there, but I wasn't sure if they were open to the public yet. Instead we went into a creepy (seriously overpriced) bookstore. Nothing of interest there.
When we left there we decided to go back to Lenscrafters. Much longer than an hour passed, so my glasses were ready, plus I was tired and disappointed by the Tuesday Morning mix up. We were driving back when I saw another thrift store, and decided to stop in. Even tired I'm still hopeful for the next place. This place was mostly nothing of interest. But I did find something I liked. Inside a tub of toys I saw a mop of red hair. I carefully unearthed who it belonged to. It was an 80s' Midge. California Midge if I'm correct. She was wearing a Mrs. Heart dress that I've always liked, but not enough to hunt it down online. The dress and the doll looked to be in really good shape. I figured that since they were only a dollar, I could get her for the dress and resell her. She does have the spotty leg issues a lot of the 80's dolls have, but her hair and face are in really great shape. I wouldn't ask much for her, but I think she'd make a wonderful rebody candidate. I found out when I was looking at her in the car that she was also wearing underwear. So I got a dress and a pair of panties. Not bad for a buck!
We also managed to stumble into Tuesday Morning's on our way back to the Mall (where Lenscrafters is). They didn't have much in the Barbie section, but I did see the Barbie loves Elvis and Sanatra dolls. They also had the Grace Kelley dolls. I did have to talk myself out of getting two more of those mannequin dress forms. While I like the two I have, I don't have the space, or the outfits for two more. So I passed on them. We finally got back to the Mall, to pick up my glasses. I tried them on, told the woman they felt fine, and I was on my way (after being reminded that since I didn't get the insurance plan, if they broke I was on my own). I ended up switching back to my old glasses when leaving the mall. It does time some time adjusting to a new pair, and I didn't want to fall on my face walking around an unfamiliar area with some new glasses! Here's a picture of them:I put them back on in the car for the ride home. I've been wearing them all day without any side effects. The same can't be said for my feet. They're not used to so much walking in my less than ideal boating shoes. They're so achy and I have a sore spot on my baby toe! I really didn't think I'd be all over today. But finally my glasses ordeal is over!

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