Friday, May 4, 2012

Darci's Man Comes to Visit

I got invited to go out shopping yesterday. I had been invited earlier in the week (actually the day before), but I declined. I've been trying to be good lately about spending money on stuff I didn't need. But today I broke, and I broke hard. Not only did I go out, but it seems like everywhere I went I found something I needed or wanted. Out of all the places I went yesterday, only one place I walked out empty handed. I got something in everywhere else I went. It's weird, most of the places I went to today I have been to recently and didn't see a thing. In some cases I've been to these stores multiple times without buying anything and today I kept racking up the charges. Luckily I didn't find anything that was crazy expensive, in total I think I spent around twelve dollars. So I certainly could have been better, but I certainly could have been worse.
I'm going to break up these posts as well, since I'm still not up to posting a huge block to text just yet. One of the first places I went to was the Flea-Marketeers over on Sunset. I like that store, the people who run it, and the people who work there are always very nice. They just don't have a lot of stuff that pertains to me. I think I've cleared them out of all their affordable Barbie stuff! Anyway I did walk around their store, and didn't see anything that I really wanted. I was almost ready to leave when I saw a very unusual figure. I walked over to it and picked it up. It was an action figure, not one that I was familiar with. He was different than most because he was HUGE. I didn't have a Barbie to compare him against, but I knew he would tower over her. Normally I would pass over a doll that was clearly in such a different scale, but he was wearing a wetsuit type outfit. It was rather interesting looking, and I wondered if it would fit Joe. He was only two dollars, so I decided to risk it and get him.
Sad news first, the wetsuit does not fit Joe. It's really long on him, so that was a wash. I measured the guy shortly after he arrived. He's 15" tall! He's huge! I posed him with Darci, and posted the picture to a Facebook group for her, calling him her boyfriend. Darci got stuck with him because her tall hair makes their size difference look not as insane. From the markings on his back I learned his from Placo toys, and marked 2002. I looked around online for information, but couldn't find anything. I only found someone selling one similar on E-bay, but they had him listed at 12", and this guy isn't anywhere close to 12". I'm not really sure how much he would have originally cost. He has a ton of joints, but is made of cheap shiny plastic and his parts aren't made from the most attractive molds. He is handsome though, it's just his body that suffers from the weird molds. Mine does have some issues. He has some staining on both feet, and his left arm is frozen in place. Luckily it's stuck in a neutral position, but it's still annoying. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with him. Darci doesn't need a boyfriend (she's barely staying here) and he's too tall for anyone else. I think eventually he'll be listed for sale. He's too tall to even fit on the bookshelf, and if Joe taught me anything I'm not one to just create an entire wardrobe for a guy. Especially when I have to draft all the patterns!

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