Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Do you offer tailoring services? If so I'll take it!"

Since in yesterday's post I mentioned one of the shops on Sunset, you should have guessed that I also visited the others ones on the street as well. I mean, they're right ... there, if I didn't stop in and see what they had it would drive me crazy. I must know what deals are there to be found! So I also checked out the two story antique store (I forget the name off hand, it might just be Asheboro Antique Mall or something). I didn't see too much that was new. I think that a vintage Skipper might have sold that's been there for a while, but I didn't do much checking in that booth, she might have just been moved.
Anyway, one of the places I like to look is the dollar booth. Usually there's nothing there, but hope springs eternal. This time they actually had some interesting stuff! They had a small lot of 80's Barbies. I didn't bother with most of them, I don't collect that era, and didn't care for most of their clothing (the ones that were dressed that is). I did pick out a Skipper to resell, I figure that she's a bit more uncommon than Barbie so someone might be interested in buying her. I also found another doll that I actually was interested in, or more accurately, I was interested in her dress. She was a clone doll, a cheap blow mold one with terrible hair (of course the only clothes I liked was on the only clone doll there). I did wrestle with getting it. I actually walked away from it for a bit, but ended up going back for the doll (and the Skipper doll). Even though it was just a dollar I was still hesitant about getting it since I really didn't want the doll, just the dress. I have offered the doll to my Flickr friends, but nobody seems to want her. She's still on my flickr page, so head over there if you're interested in her.
But back to her dress. It's also a clone dress. Victorian in it's style, but not in it's application. I say that because the entire dress is made out of tulle. So it's incredibly see thru. I don't think many Victorian ladies would wear something like this, even in the privacy of their own bedrooms! But I thought with the right styling it could be really cute. So I took the chance and got it. Here's a photo of the dress shortly after it arrived here:I did notice that it needed some minor work when still in the store, just some slight repairs. The collar had come partially undone, as well as part of the lace on one of the sleeves. I carefully sewed them back on. It was a pretty easy repair. The styling of the dress was harder. First off I needed to deal with the fact that it was see thru. We are a modest bunch around here. I already had an idea in mind for a solution, I thought of it while trying to decide to get the dress. In the unfinished project box I had a simple white bodice with a skirt that I had made a while back. I forget why I made it, but it ended up in there for some reason or another. This would fit under the dress and cover up all the under parts, but not overwhelm the dress. Before I pulled out that dress to finish it I tried the dress on Charlotte to see how it would fit on a regular Barbie. I put her under dress on under it. It was basically exactly what I wanted in the other dress, but since Charlotte's is gathered at the bust I thought it might look a little improper for the Victorian look. But wouldn't you know it, it was actually perfect. The gathered part matched up really well with the decoration on the front of the bodice on the over dress. Almost like it was intentional, with a sheer top part. And that's how Charlotte ended up with it, it was just too cute on her to take it away. Lately Charlotte and I have been in a bit of a funk, but this dress is the perfect thing to fix our little slump. But it needed some more work first.
I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture of the dress on the dress form, but the dress is oddly high waisted. I knew that was a possibility since it sat too high on the clone doll's waist, but I hoped that Charlotte with her smaller bust would allow it to sit lower. But no such luck. I shouldn't be too shocked, that under dress was created to help fill out her bodice, so I guess I should be happy it's working. But I couldn't leave it like that. Not only was it too high, it was not very fitted, and you know I can't have that! So I cheated. I took a bit of ribbon, and tied it at the waist. But I placed the top of it at the seam of the skirt and bodice. That way it shows off all the bodice, and covers that little bit of the skirt that is too high for Charlotte. And I won't lie, I love it. It's so pretty and feminine. I also used her white tights, and one of her pink hair ribbons. Haven't figured out the shoes for it just yet, but those don't matter right now. I love it, I'm so glad I bought it, really a wonderful purchase. She's my little Victorian Alice in Wonderland. Here's a picture of the dress when it's all styled:Pretty impressive what a bit of styling can do, right?


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