Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Enough Hangers for ALL my hang ups...

I got my first package in the mail today (actually I got two, but I'm only going to talk about one today, you have to wait for tomorrow for the second one).
This one was actually a freebie. A few days ago right before bed I headed over to "In the Pink" to see what was new. I saw that Joanne (the moderator), had a post asking if anyone wanted a small lot of odd, non-Mattel hangers. It was an hour or so old, but she hadn't posted again saying they were spoken for. I wrestled with contacting her, but decided to at least throw my hat into the ring. I could always use more hangers. I sent her an e-mail, hoping that I would be the first to contact her.
She e-mailed me back a short while later, saying they were mine if I wanted them! I sent her my address and thanked her profusely. She e-mailed me Sunday to tell me they got into the mail. Like you know, they arrived today, and when I opened the package, boy was I in for a surprise. This was not a small lot, not my any stretch of the imagination. Here I'll share a picture of them all.As you can see I had a lot. There were so many I was able to fill the entire bar of the smallest garment rack (used for Charlotte's undergarments). I actually didn't have enough room for all the hangers. Charlotte's holding the four that wouldn't fit that I purposefully left off. Joanne included some vintage Barbie filigree hangers! I had one generic one, one Barbie one, and two Francie ones (one of the Francie ones is broken). While I loved all of the hangers, these were super cool to see in person. I've never actually held a vintage Barbie hanger (it's the little things that impresses me, and proves how dorky I am). She even included several hangers from vintage Pak packages! (Again first time for seeing those in person.) Did you know these are marked with the Mattel logo? I never knew that.
With all these new hangers I was in hanger heaven. I loved seeing so many in one place. But I was eager to put them into use. I started off with the vintage wardrobe. I went through and switched up several of the hangers. I was able to get rid of the wooden ones that I'd made, that while serviceable I did worry about them snagging clothes. I was also able to get rid of the ones with the smaller arms. Now whenever I need to get something out of the vintage wardrobe everything won't fall off the bar. I was even able to use the two Francie hangers on vintage Francie outfits. Ironically, I didn't use the one Barbie one, I don't have that many vintage Barbie clothes. Most of my Francie clothes came from that lot I got for my Birthday last year. Here's a photo of the upgraded wardrobe.I don't have many vintage clothing, but if I get any more I'm going to need another wardrobe!
I also went though and switched up a couple hangers on Charlotte's garment rack. She didn't have as much that needed to be upgraded, but there were a few that I felt could stand to be changed. Now I'll have less of her clothing fall off their hangers whenever I get something from it. No picture of that since it's basically the same as the last time I posted a picture. I even did some work on the second garment rack. I didn't finish that one, but I got several hangers upgraded. I got most of Joe's clothing hung up, which that's the first time that's happened. (After all that sewing I did for Joe it's actually starting to get a bit full. I guess I should have given them the larger rack!) I was even able to use some of the Pak hangers. The hooks are a little too small for the wooden garment racks, but as you could see from the first picture they are big enough to go on the small plastic one. With their design they actually work really well to hold Charlotte's brassieres. Which is awesome!
And I didn't even run out of them! I still have a small pile left, not to mention the hangers I was using originally that I traded the new ones with. Thanks to Joanne I won't need new hangers for a while! (Although, I'm sure I'll still be on the hunt for them, this addiction thing doesn't clear up that easily.) I'm super grateful to Joanne, and super happy that I asked for them. It was just so much more than I was expecting!

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  1. Hello from Spain: I see by your photos you bought plenty of hangers. Thewardrobe full of clothes you have. Keep in touch.