Friday, May 18, 2012

Getting Back onto the Productive Train!

I must admit, I went out again this morning. I guess I really don't learn from my past experiences. But in my defense I wasn't going out for myself, I was going out for my Mother. You see, my cousin is pregnant (actually going on six months at the moment) with her second child. My mother made a cross stitch for her first child, and she's planning on doing a second one for this new baby. She just needed some supplies priced for it. And since I am the most familiar with Hobby Lobby, it was up to me to do it.
Also it's just nice going to Hobby Lobby! I haven't actually been in a couple weeks. I guess that no month of Hobby Lobby really helped break my addiction. Lately whenever I go in there I get what I need and get out. No more piling on the purchases for projects that never pan out. Today I went in and checked want I needed to check. I was planning on purchasing some of the needlepoint cloth originally, but after talking it over with my mother we decided to wait on it. Which meant that I had a forty percent coupon all to myself. I did check a lot of other sections, but didn't see much that I wanted. I saw some interesting fabrics, but nothing that would work for the projects I had in mind. I'll have to think up projects for some of them, or just not get them. Eventually I was just going to leave the store empty handed. I was almost out the door when I spotted something over in the seasonal Fourth of July section.
It was a small assortment of plastic top hats, in red, white, and blue. Six in total and covered with bright tacky glitter. I looked at them up close. They looked to be the right size for Joe. If there was a way to fix them for my needs they had potential. I've been wanting a top hat for Joe, but couldn't find any. (Hobby Lobby does sell something top hat like, but it's felt and either too small or too big). Joe's original Steampunk outfit actually included a top hat, but had to be nixed due to lack of supplies. This could be the solution to that problem. They were a bit expensive (3.99), but I did have that forty percent off coupon. If they worked it would be a great price, if not I just wasted my money. I decided to throw caution to the wind and get them. I just hoped the glitter would come off easily, and that they fit him.
I was able to find out at home it did! With hot water and some gentle scrubbing I was able to clear most of the glitter off the sacrificial white hat I picked out of the package. I did learn that the top part of the hat is a little skewed to one side, but if you angle it just so it's not as noticeable. It does fit Joe pretty decently, with a little room at the sides. I ended up dunking it in boiling water and molding it to his head a little. I did do some painting on it with the black nail polish I have. It's taking multiple coats, so work is slow, plus it keeps chipping off. I think it might be time to upgrade to some actual paint that works on plastic. I do get tired of repainting Charlotte's shoes, and if it's going to keep happening to Joe's hat too, it might be worth the extra cost. You can see an in progress shot to the left, when I finish it I'll share a final photo as well.
Joe wasn't the only person to get some work done today. Malibu Skipper got some progress today as well. Yesterday I finished her shorts and today I worked on her shirt. I didn't finish it today, but I did get all the machine sewing done. I did end up changing it a bit from it's original design. It was supposed to have a ruffle on the bottom of it, but no matter what I did to it I could not get it to look how I wanted it to. Eventually I realized that it throwing off the proportions of the entire outfit so I ended up just removing it and hemming the shirt normally. It's actually ended up making the shirt sit a little higher than I normally do, but it kind of works for Skipper. She's the first doll showing some belly skin in the collection! Usually, we're all about legs here. I promise you'll get a picture when she's all done. And I promise I'll actually finish this one. It's very cute so far!

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