Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Bro!

It was my brother's Birthday today. My baby brother turned 21. He's now old enough to legally drink, the last big milestone. And that makes me officially old. He makes everyone in my family feel old since he's my parent's youngest child, and my Grandparent's youngest grandchild. But you know, time marches on and whatnot (and makes fools of us all!).
Since it was a birthday around here, I didn't bother making a personal to-do list. I had a lot of birthday related stuff to get done instead of focusing on myself. And while a list is helpful to keep myself on track, today was a day that a list wasn't needed. I was going to get what I needed to get done, or die trying.
I did need to go out today. Yesterday my brother finally said he wanted to his birthday dessert, even though I asked him several times earlier. He wanted some Lime Jello (weird, right?). Of course we didn't have any, so we needed to go and get some. Today I went out with my dad to get some, as well as some other supplies. We went shortly before I typically eat lunch. This has happened before, so I usually just tough it out and wait a few extra hours to eat. But not today, today we were out for FIVE hours. FIVE hours of doing errands (true there were some not so necessary stops made, but I was not expecting to be out that long). I was running (while admittedly cranky) on steam by the end of it. I kept thinking that we were done, but stores kept getting adding to the list. I was so not a happy camper. I don't eat a big breakfast, so my body was not really fueled correctly. I'm surprised I didn't pass out. It's been several hours and I'm still mad thinking about it.
Back at home in the late evening (around five), I was finally able to eat something. I also made the lime Jello that we had purchased. Unfortunately it takes hours to congeal, and getting home at 5 really makes it hard to have at a decent hour that night (Thanks dad!). Sigh. Luckily I had made some Jello earlier that morning (Cherry, which we did have on hand), as a just in case thing. Good thing too, at least by brother had some Jello for on his birthday. When the Jello was cooling in the fridge, I started making something else I bought the supplies for while out, Rice Crispy Treats.
Just like with my sister it was what my Brother was getting from me for his birthday. I made an entire box just for him. He helped me wrap it in saran wrap, and then I presented it to him. It's currently chilling the the fridge. But I wasn't done. I made a second batch of treats. This one was for everyone else in the family to share (my brother could have some if he wants to). I couldn't have a huge block of Rice Crispy Treats in the fridge tempting me that I knew I couldn't have! I needed to have some, so I made my own. I'll just have to try to keep from eating it all in one sitting now, it's just far too tasty!
It's been a long day spent mostly in the car. But I was able to get that package for my Flickr friend into the mail. I didn't tell him about it, I figure it would just arrive and he'll be surprised. I am glad I got that taken care of, just took me a couple months!

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