Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hiautus Over!

Yes it's true, I'm back after taking a month off from the blog (although I did post several times during the month).
But while I'm back, my feelings really haven't changed about the dolls. I'm still not over my "meh" feeling for them. It's true that I've kept working with them, but it's felt so mechanical. I honestly can't think of anything I've made this year that I've really loved. I've dressed several people, but I just like what they're wearing, gone are the days where I just love what I've made and know the doll will be wearing it for a while. Lately I haven't even made much of a dent in the dolls on the naked party pad. Even worse, their numbers have swelled considerably. Because even though I don't have any ideas or thoughts for the undressed dolls, that didn't stop me from buying more. I really think that I've been unhappy and trying to self medicate by buying more stuff instead of being happy with what I had. I'm always happy when I get new things. And while that would work for a while, very shortly after getting the next newest doll I'd stick it away on the party pad and find another one to get to reclaim that high.
Even though it's easy to identify my problems, it's much harder to actually do something about it. But I want to. This month I'm putting a ban on new dolls, with some guidelines. I will no longer be actively searching for new dolls, and I'm kicking myself off Etsy. That site is just full of temptations, and some really good deals. And to make matters worse, those really great deals are usually out of my price range (without some saving up), and usually sell well before I can save any money up. I had two things sell out on me yesterday, as well as losing out on that doll I wanted to save up for I wrote about last month. I'm saddened by it, but I will begrudgingly admit I don't need another doll. I do have a couple things in the works, as well as several packages in the mail, but once that's over and done with I'm finished for the month. If I am having problems I really should stop trying to fix it by buying stuff.
So in conclusion, I'm back blogging, but I have no idea how doll related things will be. It might get pretty boring around here. But at least when I get those packages in the mail I'll have something to share.

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