Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I can see clearly now, the blur is gone! (Or going to be gone)

Not much got done with the dolls today. In fact, the day's almost over and the only doll I even touched today was Charlotte, and that was to take some measurements from her. My day was busy with something else, a Doctor's appointment. No, I'm not sick (although I am being struck by allergies), this was an eye doctor appointment.
The other day we got a letter from my father's insurance company. Come June 8th, the day before my birthday, I'm getting dropped. I'm going to be 26, and they are no longer required to cover me. So I'll be back to being uninsured. And while I understand it's just how insurance companies work, I've never actually cost them a dime. I've never used my father's insurance before, until today that is. After we got the letter we decided that we needed to make an appointment to get me some new glasses. I've worn glasses since the sixth grade, and I was in desperate need for a new pair. I did the math, I've been using my current pair for the past seven years. I haven't noticed a terrible change in how I see, but things certainly aren't as clear as they could be.
So that was today's big goal, getting my eyes tested. Turns out I do need a slight increase in my prescription. I told the Doctor that it's been seven years since I last got tested, and he used my glasses as a guide for where to start, and he didn't seem concerned about the changes, so I assume it's all good. But can I just say how much I hate the eye drops and the eye puff test? I know they're for my health, but they are terrible! But they're over and done with, and I guess they looked all right to him, he didn't mention anything. And my father's insurance covered the entire exam, we didn't have to pay a dime!
We didn't end up looking at glasses today. Our appointments (my brother had one as well) were late in the day, and my father took us. He's working tonight, so he needed to get back home so he could get ready for work. We're planning on going back Friday to shop for the frames and such. I'm kind of excited, new glasses! Although I'm sure I'll have to give up some fancy features my current pair has. I will miss you titanium frames and transitions lenses, but being able to see will be worth it!

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  1. Hello from Spain: I hope that you're better off your allergies. Well done check your eyes. Insurance companies always create problems. Keep in touch.