Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I just FLIPped for her!

Now you heard yesterday about how I bought that lot of doll heads that included Malibu Skipper's. While it's true she was the head I needed, she wasn't the reason I eventually bought the lot. You see, I've had the opportunity to buy Malibu Skipper heads before. It's just I really didn't want to spend a lot of money for one. While she's a doll I wanted to add to the collection, and I already had her body, I just wasn't willing to invest a lot of money into her. I'd rather spend my limited funds on a actual vintage doll. So she was on my internet watch list, but not a priority.
But when I found that lot of heads, even though Skipper was a head I needed there were also a few heads that I wanted to add to the collection. One of those is what I'll be sharing with you all today. Also in the lot was a Barbie head, a blonde TNT flip. I already have two TNT flips in the collection, but they're both brunettes. I do like TNT flips, so I was more than ready to add another one to the collection. She was in decent shape. No hair cuts, or neck splits, and her face paint is in good shape. I think she has some paint wear on her lips and that's about it. So while I needed Skipper I wanted this Barbie. She's the doll that pushed me over the edge to buy the entire lot.
I actually ended up working with her first when all the dolls arrived. Unlike Skipper who had the correct body waiting for her TNT Flip is currently on a loaner. It's one of the broken bodies that came in that bag of random stuff that I also got those Living Barbie arms. One of the legs is broken off, but it's got a rubber band holding it on. It works for right now, but I will certainly be looking for a replacement body for her in time. Right now I just wanted to get her on a body so I could start dressing her. But before I started working on that, it was time for her bath and working on her hair. I had to reset her original style. She seems to have thinner hair than the other two TNT flips I have. She also has a green spot in her hair. It's on her curls. I'm not sure what it is, but it wouldn't wash out. Hopefully it'll go away somehow, but at least it's not too noticeable. When she first arrived I was worried that someone had cut off her spit curl (my first TNT flip is missing hers), but I was able to locate it in her hair. It had just gotten brushed into the rest of her hair. She still needs some more hair work, but it's a definite improvement. I really like her, and I'm glad I bought the lot for just her, the other two heads were just a bonus. Sorry Malibu Skipper (and third unknown head)!

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