Monday, May 14, 2012

I really am spoiled...

I went out again this morning. There were a few places we didn't get to yesterday on our grocery shopping trip that we still needed to visit, and also today all the thrift stores were open.
We managed to visit all three of those. I didn't find much of anything I wanted in any of them. I did however, find and buy some things to send to a Flickr friend. The other day I said something to him in jest, but based on his reaction and my re-reading what I wrote in hindsight I realize it was a bit much. I apologized, and he accepted, but I still feel super bad about it. I really didn't mean what could be inferred from it, I was in a bit of a mood that day, and I guess it colored my comment. So it came off worse than I intended. I guess I'm going to have to triple and quadruple read my comments to make sure I don't do something like this again. At least I'm trying to correct the behavior. Live and learn, right?
So in conjunction with the thrift stores, I also visited that antique store from yesterday. Even with my research being not as fruitful as I'd like I decided to go with my gut and get what I found yesterday. If it was still even there, I might have missed my chance. That has happened before. Luckily, everything I wanted from yesterday was still there, so I was able to get it all! I do like it when things work out for me like that.
Since I had been there just the day before I knew exactly where what I wanted was. The first place I stopped in was a booth on the first floor. Tucked away in the front corner was a box that had some Barbie dolls. Most of them were newer dolls, but they also had a couple older (ish) dolls. Mainly two beat up Ballerina Barbies and the doll I was actually after. She is Sun Lovin' Barbie. She is much newer than most of the dolls in the collection, but I just really liked her face. That Superstar face mold and paint job gets me every time. I later learned she's the 1980's version with the hard plastic legs, from the last year of production. She's the only 80's doll in the collection at the moment, but that might change. Not because I'm going to collect them, but because she might not stay. Whenever I find these dolls that I fall in love with, I rapidly fall out of love with them too. Since she wasn't that expensive I decided to throw caution and personal experience to the wind and get her. If it didn't work out for her staying in the collection I could sell her and at least break even. Sometimes it turns out these dolls are just visiting, while others move in permanently. I'm still on the fence about her. She is a very pretty doll, and in pretty decent shape. I may end up rebodying her to an older body and see how she fits in (I still dislike those palm facing back paddle arms!)
Once I had her in my hand my next destination was upstairs. This place was a double trouble one, because I was getting two things there. The first item was another doll. And unlike Sun Lovin' Barbie I know she's not staying around here. I bought her mainly for resale. Yesterday I found a box with several 80s' dolls. Most of them were very well loved, and of no interest to me. But even though I could see that it wasn't going to be my thing, I still dug into the box, you'll never know what's lurking in these type of places. I didn't find any doll that I really needed, but I did find her. She's Hispanic Barbie from 1979. When I found her, I had a vague idea of who she was, but wasn't totally sure. I'm hardly an expert in dolls from that era. She was one of the things I needed to do that research on. She's wearing her original earrings, and dress. Her dress looks like it's in really great shape, with some minor discoloration on the bodice. Her body and face look in good shape, but will need some minor work (Bath and such). But she really needs some major hair work. It's a terrible tangled, broken, icky mess. I'm not really sure how to fix it, it might be more than I can handle. I tried fixing her part line, but couldn't. I think it's come unthached. Hopefully I'll be able to help her. Any hair help suggestions would really be appreciated! She was pretty inexpensive too. If she wasn't, I wouldn't have bothered getting her. So hopefully I'll be able to get my money back when I sell her, no matter the condition of her hair.
I actually got her for two reasons, the first one is for resale, and the other one is to save fifty cents. I'll explain. None of the dolls in the box were priced. Instead, on the box was a sign saying, three dollars each, or two for five. She was the only doll in the box I wanted, but not the only thing in the box that caught my eyes. Also in the box there were two horses. I wasn't totally sure if the horses were part of the two for five deal, but they were in the box and unmarked just like the dolls. One of them was a generic Barbie horse, but the other one was different. I actually liked that one, but I wasn't ready to get it right then and there. I needed to do something thinking first. I have been wanting a horse for a while now, but whenever I found one I end up not getting it. I needed to figure out if I actually wanted a horse, or just wanted an idea of a horse. Also since it was not priced I wasn't totally sure if it was part of the two for five deal. I'd hate to get to the check out and have it be priced a lot more than I was expecting. Also I couldn't find any markings on the horse. But I did have an idea on who made it, so not only did I have some thinking to do, I also had some online researching to do.
Like you all know the research part was not that successful, but I decided that I wanted that horse, darn it. It was perfect for what I've been looking for. It was a realistic looking horse that was in a decent scale to Barbie. Too often the horses I find are way too small for Barbie. She towers over them and just looks silly. As you can see from the photo on your left, that is not the case. Also this one came with a saddle, which is hard to find on a second hand horse. So at that stall I picked out the horse and Hispanic Barbie. I even took a photo of the box on my phone to show the check out person exactly how I found it. I guess it was right because she wrote them up for the five dollar deal. So I was able to get the horse for only 2.50, which is a pretty good deal in my book.
At home I started doing some work with the horse. He (or she) was rather dirty, including some harder to remove smudges. I sat down with a magic eraser and got to work. That's when I found the maker mark on it. Smack dab in the middle of the back leg is a tiny mark. It's basically the same size of a tiny button, and molded into the plastic. It states that it's a Marx horse, with the roman numerals for 1965. And I won't lie, I thought it was a Marx horse, but I wasn't really sure I had only heard about them in passing. I've never actually seen one in person. Armed with this info I turned back to the internet, where it gets a little muddy. You see, I either have Jane West's horse "Thunderbolt" or "Flame" from the corral play set. I've seen this horse called both names by sellers. According to the 1966 wishbook from Sears my horse looks like "Flame", so I'm more likely to believe that source since it's a scan of the actual catalog. (In a funny note, I actually paid less for him than he cost new (2.99), however I didn't get his accessories). I do have Jane's saddle though, but it's missing parts. That does explain how Charlotte can fit the saddle beautifully and Joe cannot. And really, she's probably going to use it more than him. I even dug out that riding outfit I bought a while back to get those boots I use for the Steampunk outfit. Not only was the horse a good buy, he's also making use of that outfit I bought just for the boots. I won't lie, I really like this horse. Charlotte's been riding him all day. He is naughty though, a couple times today he's "trampled" the cats (all in good fun though). The pictures of the horse are before his clean up, I managed to remove a lot of the stain from him, he now looks much better. I'm just going to have to find a place to store him when I'm not playing with him.
See how spoiled I am? I get a horse, and it's not even my birthday!

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