Monday, May 7, 2012

Is the Mail here YET?!?!?!?

The other day when I lost out on two great deals online I decided to raise my spirits with some retail therapy, but with a twist. Instead of buying an entire new doll I was finally going to purchase a part of one that needed to complete one of the partial dolls I've amassed. It did help that someone posted a lot of doll heads for sale, for a decent price, that out of the four I needed one and wanted two others. I didn't buy it right away, but after losing those other two things I decided to get it now, or risk losing it.
It showed up today. The seller had given me a tracking number, so I was expecting it (and stalking the mailman) in the anticipation that it would be in today's mail (I have been burned in the past by that though). Luckily the estimate was right and it got here today! And I'm pleased to announce that I was finally able to complete my Malibu Skipper! I even took a picture of her classy goodbye to the rest of the headless bodies. Charming, right? I'm sure this was a one time attitude from her, and she'll be as sweet as pie from now on. I am pleased that I was able to unite and head and a body. Progress is progress! She's already moved over to the Naked Party Pad where she's probably going to live for a while. Even though I'm taking break from looking for new dolls, they are certainly stacking up. I managed to scrounge up temporary bodies for the other two heads I liked from that lot. That does mean I will eventually have to hunt down the correct bodies for them, but it works for the time being. You'll get to meet them soon!

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