Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's may be wrong, but it feels so WRITE!

I did some writing this morning. It's been one of those things that I've been putting off a lot lately. I don't think I've written anything in months. And I know that I should be working on it, but I'm stuck. And last time I got stuck like that I went back and did a massive editing/rewrite of the entire thing. But when I tried that again, I just saw so much that I wanted to fix, but wasn't happy with my edit's either. That happens when I write. I just fear that I've lost my way with this story. And I do want to finish it, I've spent so much time with it, but I just don't know if I can. It's complicated.
But today I did some writing. Sort of for BoS (Ballad of Submission), but sort of not. I started a new word document and started writing a new section. One that would fit into the book, but I don't plan on adding. I figure that it would refresh me with my characters and setting, but I can be just as clunky and hackneyed as I need to be (and reuse words and phrases). I chose Anton getting into another battle with some strange creature from Zonlicht. I have more fun writing action than dialogue, and I figured it would be a good place to start. I just wrote a page and the creature hasn't appeared just yet, but I'm thinking it'll be some panther thing. I'm planning on making Tuesday my writing day again. I'm not sure if it will take, but at can at least try to write again. I think I owe those characters that much. Plus a page isn't that hard, especially since I use size 14 font.
Once I decided I had written enough, I had the rest of the day free. One of the things I decided to do was some more online fashion research. I'm still trying to dress a third doll for the month, always the dreamer that I'll manage that much in the short time I have left. I was looking through vintage sewing patterns to see if any illustrations resonated with me. Lately I haven't found anything that really called to me, but this time was different. I found a cute jumper and shirt set. I thought it would work for Skooter. For some reason I keep defaulting to jumpers in an effort to dress her. Anyway, this would be similar to my last attempt for her, but with different fabrics, and a different neckline for the jumper.
The last time I had started by making the jumper, but this time the jumper was going to be made from that John Deere plaid that I love. I just wasn't willing to cut into it in case it didn't work out (just like the last one). Instead I started with the shirt. This took a bit of work, I needed to adapt a pattern. I had a re-sized Ken shirt pattern that I made for Ricky. I used that for my start and changed it from front closing to back closing, and simplified the bottom hem. And so I got to work, using yellow calico to make it. After I cut it out, I started by adding the collar. And may I say, I still hate collars with a passion? They are sometimes so necessary, but I still hate them! The collar ended up being a little ragged, but passable. I just hate them so much!
Anyway, after that I added the sleeves. I used to hate inset sleeves, and while I don't exactly love them, they're no longer the foes they used to be. Anyway, I added the sleeves, but when I sewed up the side seams I ran into troubles. The cuffs were just too short for her arms to go through, and I wasn't able to widen them. I should have guessed that was going to be an issue since the sleeves are tapered, but I didn't compensate for it. I could have torn out the sleeves and cut out new ones, but I didn't. Instead I gave up. The shirt wasn't looking anything like how I imagined it, and my enthusiasm for the project quickly cooled.
Again Skooter got sent back to the Naked Sewing Cabinet (Doesn't have the same ring as the Naked Party Pad). She is a difficult one, but at least I wrote today!

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