Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A little ranty...

I visited the final Glasses store in town that takes my insurance. It was a disappointment. I was hoping that they would have something I'd like but... it was just like the others. Tons of options, but all of them were rectangular. WHY ARE ALL THE GLASSES RECTANGLES? I DO NOT WANT THAT! The woman working there (who dressed really casually for a doctor's office, she looked like she was heading out for a jog or something) was really nice and showed me the three or so frames that they carried that weren't rectangles. But even though they weren't rectangles, they either were practically circles or rectangular with softer corners to be just barely considered something else. And I wanted ovals. I'm not asking for the moon, I WANT OVALS! Oval glasses have been around forever, I've been getting them for many years, but apparently there's an embargo on them. So when I left there I was not in a happy mood. Time is rapidly running out and I need to get glasses. It just sucks that I'm going to have to settle and get something I'm not totally happy with because that's my only option. I'm going to wear these every day for several years, so I'd like to like them. But apparently that's not an options because they only make rectangular glasses and I do not like those. Maybe it's a regional thing, those types of frames sell more so they stock them more, but why should I be stuck with such a limited stock??? It just makes me mad, because it shouldn't be like that. Not everyone wants rectangular frames. IT MAKES ME SO MAD! And it really doesn't need to be that way, just make a variety of glasses shapes. And it's not like there's no selection, if you want rectangular frames. There's a billion of those in every shape and size, but not if you want something that doesn't have 90 degree angles.
So I was not in a good mood for the rest of the day. I was going to have to make a decision, and pick the best of my choices and learn to live with it. It's just so frustrating since to me this is a big deal, and I think I should be happy with it, but with the crap selection I was going to have to settle. But whatever, Stupid eyeglass makers. Jerks. All of them!
I did try to push away my negative thoughts. I was going out shopping with my father and if I was in a bad mood it would be him that suffers, and he's not the person to blame for it. So I took lots of deep breaths and kept thinking of happy thoughts, and was very calm and calculated in how I spoke, even though inside I was raging so hard against those stupid eyeglass companies.
Shopping was pretty uneventful. Nothing to be had in most of the second hand stores. Sometimes that happens, and really I probably don't need more things, I already have too much. But honestly that didn't stop me from purchasing new fabrics when the opportunity arose. I was at the United Christian Outreach center. They tend to have the best fabric section (actually the only second hand store with a fabric section). I started digging though the bins wondering what wonders I'd find. I wasn't searching long before I managed to find several things I wanted. The first thing I found was some jersey knit. It's a medium blue, with a nice stripped pattern. I got it thinking it would be a nice pattern to make Joe another shirt with. But once I had it in my hand I thought it might actually work for a Ricky shirt as well. I'd guess the fabric was from the 70's, but it still could work for the 60's. (Men's clothing really didn't change that much). I took the picture of the fabric with Ricky to give an idea on the scale. What do you think, dear readers? Would that work for a shirt for Ricky? I'm thinking short sleeves, but still not sure about the collar. I might go with a turtleneck or not, I have plenty of material to practice with. There's over a yard here, shirts for everyone! This cost me 1.50. But I wasn't finished just yet. I also found a bit of what I believe is black wool. I've been hoping to make Joe a black pea coat, and this is exactly what I wanted. It's just perfect. I got about a yard of this, so there's plenty to use for the coat. Now I've just got to suck it up and draft the pattern. I've attempted it, but Joe's body is a lot different than the pattern is originally. I'm doing to have to to a total overhaul. And now there's no excuses, I've got all the material I need! (Darn it!) And finally, I picked up this white fabric. I think it's a linen. It's very nice, and since Hobby Lobby's quality went down I'm going to have to always pick up decent white fabric whenever I see it. This one was only a dollar and I got like two yards of it. That's crazy! No project in mind for it yet, but I know I'll end up using it sometime. (And yes, I know the black and white fabrics just look like blocks of black and white, but I didn't realize that until after I took the pictures, and that's the hard part. Since I took them, I'm going to use them, darn it!)
One of these days I'm going to have to start sewing, I keep buying the supplies for it!

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