Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Oooooh, another package!"

As I mentioned yesterday, two things arrived in the mail yesterday. You got to see the first one yesterday, but held off on the second one for today. I need to spread out the doll related stuff to talk about on the blog, otherwise it's going to get real boring real fast. (If that's not the case already.)
Yesterday it was all about the hangers, today it's all about stuff to hang on them, ...well, one thing to hang on them. The second thing I got in the mail yesterday was a Barbie dress! This is a rare occurrence, purchasing a Barbie dress. Usually my focus of the collection is getting more dolls compared to clothing. Mainly since the most fun I have with the collection is dressing them myself. Why would I deprive myself the joy and the insanity that comes with dressing the dolls on my own? But even though I rarely seek them out, I do have a small collection of vintage clothing. Most of them came with doll I bought. Very rarely do I use vintage clothing in the collection. Vintage clothing can be really delicate, and I worry about ruining them. Even though I try to be careful, I know sometimes I'm not as gentle as I should be, and I can be clumsy! (Accidents do happen).
But that being said, even with most of my efforts on adding dolls, there are a few outfits that I wouldn't mind adding to the collection if the situation arose. There's not much of a rhyme or reason for why I like these specific outfits, I just do and that's why I want them. They're an odd mix of eras and designated wearers so it's not like I'm collecting a line or anything. This dress was one of those dresses that I wanted to add into the collection. It's a Best Buy from the 70s', which means it doesn't have a name, just a number. It's number 9158. The other day I was on Etsy (before my month long hiatus) and it came up under the newest search results. (I do not own this upcoming picture, just for educational purposes, will remove if asked.)
I've always liked this dress, mainly because of how it looks like a historical costume. It's very Georgian in it's design, and that's one of my favorite fashion eras. Especially when it's got those flared sleeve ruffles. I cannot get enough of those, really I can't. I would have made my own version of this dress, but the print on the skirt made it impossible. Where would I get anything like that?
So I had to wait to find it for a decent price. This one was in decent shape for the most part, but it did need some work on the back, and the closure. I figured that since it was cotton, and the damage didn't look too bad I might be able to repair it enough for my needs. And the fact that it was only 5 dollars, including shipping sealed the deal for me. I quickly bought it then and there, before someone else beat me to it. Like I said it arrived yesterday, and I quickly got to work on it.
The seam of the top and the skirt had partially come undone on one side. So I carefully sewed it back together using the machine. I had to change how it was originally done, and simplify it, but it's certainly an improvement to it coming undone. The fastener in the back was trickier. It was originally a elastic loop with a button that held it closed. I still had the stretched out elastic loop, but not the button. I tried sewing a bead to replace the button, but that didn't work. The bead just couldn't hold the elastic loop properly. I tried sewing a small human sized button, but that didn't work either. I had to move it over far to compensate the lose elastic, and it looked really out of place. I just ended up sewing on a snap. The dress has more than enough fabric to use a snap. I didn't do anything to the elastic loop, so if it ever needs to be restored accurately, that's still possible. Also adding a snap gave it a much better fit in the bodice, and you know how much I love a fitted bodice.
Now who gets to wear this dress, you may ask? I did try it on Charlotte, and while it did look lovely on her, she didn't get to keep it. There was someone else who needed it more than her. Someone from that era, who would look great in it. It was my Canadian/European Exclusive Malibu Barbie (who I've dubbed Malibu Stacey). It's either really cute and ironic, or treason. I'm hoping the former. For styling, I kept it simple. I selected the black strap shoes that came with the reproduction Superstar Barbie (we're really getting low on decent shoes around here). For her hair, I just pulled part of it back and tied some ribbon around it (the ribbon's actually Charlotte's, but I'll get her a replacement one). So without anymore talking, I present to you, my new dress:Cute, right? I'm pleased that I can move her from the Party Plaza and into the collection. She's been waiting to be dressed since October. I think she's been plenty patient!

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