Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Shirt off his Back!

I didn't make a list for today. I've been doing pretty good about making one and following thru on it, but like usual, there's only so long I can follow my own rules. But even without it guiding me I still managed to get some stuff done today. So the list wasn't really needed.
I ended up wanting to working on something from the unfinished project box. I dumped out the box and picked out a few items that called to me, from those options I picked the one that called out the loudest. It was a yellow dress that I made... a while back. So far back I can't remember when or for who. It ended up having some sewing errors with it that ended with it being banished to the box. I ended up taking apart about half of it to get it back on the right track. But I didn't finish it today, I ended up sticking it back into the box. While I fixed some of the technical issues, it still is suffering from some taste issues. (Which was part of the reason it ended up in the box in the first place as well). It needs something to fix it. Right now it's just a yellow dress. And while I like yellow, I'm not a fan of a great expanse of it. So back into the box it went, for a day when I figure out the next step for it. At least now I won't have to fix the sewing issues the next time I take it out, they're all squared!
But I wasn't done sewing just yet. That dress was just the warm up for a project that I've been putting off for a while, making Joe a collared shirt. One of the big things I want to add to his wardrobe. It's just so difficult to make since cotton is a lot less forgiving than jersey. I've made attempts at it, but they've all be terrible disasters. But I did have a new adapted pattern I wanted to try, but have been stalling on it. Today I sat down and got to work. I ended up making three different muslins for the shirt. Each one fitting a little better, but still not perfect. I think I've gotten the fit pretty close to where it should be, but there's one spot that's giving me trouble. It's on his back, across the shoulder blades there's this really unsightly fabric puckering. I did whatever I could think of to get rid of it, but nothing has worked. Any suggestions out there? I'd really love to get that ironed out. I've even checked in my sewing books, but couldn't find this problem.
I guess he'll have to wait some more to get his new shirt. But at least I made some strides to being able to make him one. Can't get anywhere if I don't at least try, right?

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