Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Something sort of different (but sort of the same)

Today I'm going to show you the final head from that lot. I've really managed to stretch out a thirty second purchase into a three day ordeal. This last one is actually a bit different than the other two and my usual purchases, because she's not from Mattel. While it's true that most of the collection originated from Mattel, a few other companies have joined as well. This new doll isn't the first of her company to join the collection. She's from Ideal, the same people who made Tuesday Taylor (whom I have two of). But this new head isn't Tuesday, she's actually an older Ideal product. Who we have here is Ideal's Misty.
I actually do not know much about Ideal or their Barbie counterpart Tammy. She just isn't something I was interested in. So I know even less about Tammy's more mature friend with sassy side glancing eyes Misty. In a somewhat weird note I actually just learned about the existence of Misty from a Flickr friend. He posted her picture and identified who she was. Otherwise I wouldn't have no clue as to who she was when I first saw her. And even after I learned of who she was I didn't hunt her down. I really wasn't that interested in her. So you should have guess she wasn't a big reason as to why I bought this lot. But she came with the lot, and I wanted those two other heads, so she came along for the ride! I'm just thinking that she's an added bonus.
That same Flickr friend did tell me that she could use a Barbie body, which is good news for her because that's all I have available. Unfortunately, TNT Flip got the last regular one, Misty is getting stuck with a Malibu body (It's the only spare one I had free). The color difference is pretty noticeable, but it works for the time being. I do plan on eventually getting her back onto her original body. (If I plan on keeping her). But even with the severe color difference I will say I'm not in love with her using a Barbie body. Since her head is so large, the (I assume) somewhat smaller Barbie body (especially the hands) looks silly. It's quite the bobble head effect. Which I'm not a fan of. Whenever I see pictures of her on her original body it still looks large, but not as bad as it currently does. Another issue that I'm having (that sort of goes hand in hand with her original body being bigger) is that Barbie's neck is too thin for her. Her original neck is thicker, and when you look at her you can see some of the lip on her head where the neck meets the head. If she was on her original body that would be covered. I guess she's going to need a lot of scarves!
She is in good condition for her age. Her makeup is sharp with a couple of minor chips. She still needs a bit of a scrubbing. She has dirt tucked in the crevices in her face for some reason. Her hair is nice (maybe a little dry), but uncut. I still have to do some styling work with it. I have brushed it and such, but Barbie and Skipper got most of my attention. Sadly she's probably going to be a second class citizen around here. I'm not even planning on getting her correct body right away, there's lots of purchases planned before that.
Sorry Misty! And finally here's her picture:(And in case anyone is wondering, the reason why her hands are are up in the picture is because I took them for a failed photo-story explaining why her body is in one color and her head another. It's just none of the other pictures came out. Which happens around here...)

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