Tuesday, May 22, 2012

There's nothing white about that!

I didn't bother making a list last night for today. After having to force myself to do it yesterday, I knew that I wouldn't be able to do that for the second day in row. And it actually ended up being a good thing I didn't make one. I had a real shoddy night's sleep, and I was in no mood to be doing anything that I didn't want to.
Instead I went out. Before someone points out that I've been going out a lot lately, I should point out that I actually needed to. Last time I went out I mentioned going to Hobby Lobby and checking out some supplies for my Mom. This time I was actually going to buy some of what she needed. The first thing I picked up was some cross stitch cloth for her. I also found some embroidery floss on clearance and picked out two colors for her, gold and light purple (after talking them over with her). I also picked out a new inexpensive hoop for her. She doesn't cross stitch often, and couldn't find her hoop so now she was a new one to use. That means she can get started working now, and when she finds her original one, she'll have a spare.
You should know by now that I can't go into that store without shopping for myself. I did actually need to pick up some supplies for myself too. I'm super low on white calico. The only thing is, they're out of the cheap stuff. All that's left is the 7.99 per yard stuff, and I'm absolutely not willing to pay that much for calico. I'm sewing for dolls, not actual people, they can use the cheap stuff. I did find a yard of the expensive stuff in the remnant section, but even with that discount it was still more expensive than the inexpensive stuff. I guess I'm going to have to wait until they restock and I can get what I need. Last time I bought white calico I purchased three yards and that's lasted me a while. But of course when I finally need it again they're sold out. Oh the irony!
I didn't leave the fabric section empty handed. In the remnant section I found something that I wanted. It's a fabric that I've been admiring for a while, but hadn't found a project in order to buy it for. It's a lovely medium blue calico with a pretty, scale appropriate flower pattern. I really like how it could work for any of the eras I sew for, depending on the application. But even though I liked it, I couldn't think of a specific project for it, so I never bothered getting any. But when I found 2/3 of a yard just waiting for me, I had to get it. I know I shouldn't be buying material for projects I don't have in mind yet, but I know something like this will get used. Now it's all just a matter of "when".
But I wasn't finished just yet, I also got some material cut while I was there too, but this was for a project that I already had in mind (so you see, I can stick to my own rules... sometimes). The last time I was in the store I scoped out the fabric section to see what was new. I found a fabric that I really liked, but it was a bit ...untraditional, compared to what I usually get. Unlike the fabric I wrote about above this one was a lot less versatile. It just felt a bit more era specific to me, and not an era I usually sew for. So I didn't bother getting any, but I still kept thinking about it. But the other day I started watching a new anime, a period piece. I've since stopped watching it (it was so boring), but I still kept thinking about the clothing from that era. And that's when inspiration and opportunity met. The fabric would be perfect for a really vintage dress. Sometimes these things do work out. Plus it was high time that Charlotte got a new dress, and I just love putting her in costumes. So I purchased a half yard of it (it's expensive stuff). I'm sure it'll be enough for one full dress for her. The dress has already had several style changes, and an era change, but I think it's shaping up nicely.
So that's all I got while out. (But I think it was certainly enough!). I used the forty percent coupon this week on the cross stitch cloth. It was the most expensive thing I purchased, and one of the only things not already on sale. I really like being able to use my phone for the coupon. It's so much easier than printing the coupon out at home!

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