Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Wow, You're the Grooviest!"

So it's time to talk about our final item from the recent mail surge. I won't keep you in suspence any longer, it's another head! (Shocking, I know)
This one came alone, which is fine. I only needed that one head. This is the head to talking P.J. from 1969. You might remember I bought a Talking P.J. of those way back at one of the local antique stores. Her hair had been chopped off. At the time I thought I'd re-root it, but as I really thought about it, I decided it would just be cheaper and easier on my sanity to buy a replacement head (I did the same thing with Living Skipper from the same store/stall). I found this one a while ago on Etsy, but held off buying it. The other day when I bought that lot of heads, I figured I might as well totally drain my Paypal account and bought this one as well. I had just enough. I think I have like seven cents left in my account. When I spend all my money, I really spend it ALL.
It arrived super fast, and I was able to swap out one head for another, finally giving me a decent Talking P.J. without hours of re-rooting. This one is in good shape. Her hair is uncut, and her makeup looks good. Her lips look sort of unusual, but I think they're all original, just painted weird. I don't have much else to say about P.J., she's my first actual talking doll, (my talking Barbie is on a TNT body). She gets to join the rest of the undressed dolls over on the party plaza. And I get to do more Mod fashion research/sewing. *Lucky Me!*


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