Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back again P.J.?

Since it was the start of the week, that means it's time to pick a new doll to focus my dressing attention on. I put P.J. back on the sewing cabinet, drew up the new name cards for my birthday dolls, and selected a new one. So the dolls for this week is:
*Fashion Queen*
And the funny thing is, she was already off the sewing cabinet and on my desk. I had been using her for my fit model for when I was working with P.J.. It's so much easier trying things on dolls without hair, P.J.'s pigtails would always get in the way! But even before P.J. Fashion Queen's been my go to doll for vintage sewing. Since she was already out, I was able to just leave her out. Hopefully she'll have some success this week. Poor P.J. didn't have much luck! Oh well, her day will come, eventually.
I did do some sewing today, but not for Fashion Queen, but she was again the fit model. After I got my birthday dolls I had an idea for my Bend Leg Midge. It was something similar to what I've done before, but it would require me to use a new pattern. Lately I've been looking to making a sleeveless blouse that closes in the front. I've drafted several patterns, and had several attempts and setbacks with it. Then I had a bright idea... why don't I check the patterns I already had to see if I had what I was looking for instead of making one. Sometimes logic isn't my strong suit. Turns out I did have sort of what I wanted. It just wasn't as fitted as I would like, and didn't have a collar. But since I was already drafting and adapting me own, doing some simple tweaks to this pattern would be easy, and quicker. This was another vintage Barbie Simplicity pattern, for something so simple it has been the pattern that has constantly given me the best results.
I had printed it out the other day, and made a quick test piece, but waited until today to go further with it. So today I pulled out that white linen I bought recently and cut it out. I started working on it, and made decent progress. Adding an inset collar is somewhat tricky, but doable. I did have some problems with the fabric bunching up, but I managed to work around that. I will say that I do not like the feeling of this fabric when it rubs up against itself, it makes me shudder thinking about it. (Does anyone know what I mean?) The sleeves with this are different than normally how I do them. Traditionally I do flat construction, hemming the sleeves before I sew the side seams up, but not with this top. You sew the side seams up, then roll the fabric back, then hem it. I don't like hemming it when it's such a small area, but using a hidden stitch I was able to do it decently enough. After that I didn't run into any notable problems.
I got the entire thing finished today, snaps and everything. It's a really good first attempt. I'm not going to use it for Midge however. The white fabric really plays up how dark her face is. I'm going to have to find something that won't make it look so dark. I'm not too crushed, I'm certainly going to be able to find some use for this simple white blouse. Believe me, I've got options!

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