Friday, June 8, 2012


It's with a heavy heart I write what I have to, Peach is gone. For the past couple of days he's had a sprained ankle. He would get a little better, then overdo it and re-sprain it. I've been keeping him out of the basement at night in order to let his paw heal. I thought that would mean people wouldn't be letting him outside, but apparently not everyone was on the same page as I was.
Okay, that's not fair, the person who let him out didn't mean to. Peach ran out when they were coming home, and when they tried to get him to come back in, he wouldn't. And that was the last time anybody saw the cat. We've all checked a ton of times for the cat, but he hasn't come back, which is very unusual for him. We even all went out looking for him, but couldn't find anything.
All the other cats have come back, so it's just him that's missing. I'm really worried for him, and upset. I'm trying to not be mad at the person who let him out, but it's hard. I'm angry and want to lash out. But I know that they feel just as bad as I do, if not even worse. I just wish these things didn't happen, but that is the risk you take when you have pets.

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