Monday, June 18, 2012

Change of goals, ever so slightly

I was still thinking about Joe's Steampunk outfit when I woke up this morning. I know that I'm still working on making Joe's front closing cotton shirt, but I'm stuck. I'm having the worst time making it so that his collar closes and doesn't show off his unfinished neck. I knew this was going to be a problem, it's been one of the biggest sticking points with every single version of his shirts. But with Joe's steampunk outfit I'm able to bypass that issue. I've designed it so that it has a turtleneck collar just like his t-shirts, but made out of cotton. But in order to make this shirt, I was going to have to change the pattern I've been working on to a back closure, and change the sleeve pattern.
It was somewhat easy to change the shirt into a back closure, so that's where I started. I was able to use some of the earlier shirt patterns in order to cobble together what I needed. It did take a couple of quick muslins in order to work out and perfect the fit, but that's nothing new. I've been doing that alllllllll week, so what's the pain in doing a couple more? I even made it so that I could make a single pin tuck on the front of the shirt. It's a bit of decoration that won't be seen on the final outfit, but I'll know it's there. And I should stress, that this was intentional, not a screw up that I managed a creative way to work around.
The sleeves were a bit more difficult. I was able to use the adapted sleeve I made the other day, but it too needed more adapting. I wanted this shirt to have puffy sleeves. I added some length at the top and the bottom. To make sure it had enough "puff" I added about an inch and a half. Let me tell you that's way too much puff. It was kind of funny. But that pattern wasn't a total loss. It looks like a 14th century puffy sleeve. So if I ever need a Romeo costume for Joe, I already have some work done. I ended up making several different variations on the sleeves, which did not work. Eventually I ended up getting rid of the puffy part of the upper sleeve. It just looked to silly. Instead the top part of the pattern is basically the same as the original, but it flares out at the bottom. It's actually very similar to Charlotte's sleeves on her steampunk outfit, but his ends in cuffs. Finally satisfied with this sleeve, I was actually able to start sewing the actual shirt today. (Exciting, right?)
I got pretty far on it. All that's left to do is the back seams, the bottom hem, and finishing it up. But I held off on that for today. It was pretty late when I started and I don't want to be tired and screw something up on it. You would not believe the pile of test pieces I have from this project alone, it's kind of gross.

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