Monday, June 25, 2012

Come on, grow, grow, grow!

I went out again this morning. I really didn't need to go, but I won't be able to go out again for the rest of the week, so I figured that I might as well go and get some of the shopping cravings out of my system while I had the chance. Who knows how things will be once I start detoxing, I might as well get in that final high before I go cold turkey. I'm not really sure why we needed to go out in the first place, we really weren't in dire need of anything, but with my father sometimes you don't need any reason to go out. We did manage to visit all three of the local second hand stores, and I managed to get something at every single one. But I wasn't really that bad, the grand total for all my purchases was four dollars (before taxes). Sadly, turns out most of what I bought is going to end up on the Dollpage or another online selling site. I did purchase a couple things with the idea to sell them, but most of what I bought for myself won't work for how I intended it to. So I'm going to sell them and try to get my money back. It stinks that I won't be able to use them, but sometimes these things just happen. Lesson learned... ish.
The first store we visited was the Salvation Army. They were pretty bleak in both crafts and toys. They had a couple beat up Barbie dolls, but nothing that I (or for the most part anybody else) needed. I did however find these two dresses:They might look way too big for Barbie, and that's because they are. I bought them for Chatty Cathy. Even though my main focus is Barbie I always keep an eye peeled for something that could work for Chatty Cathy. I wasn't totally sure if they would fit her (I'm not that good at guessing at clothing for her), but for only fifty cents each I figured that I would take the risk. And I did like the fabric that the rust colored dress is made of. If Chatty Cathy couldn't wear it, maybe I could use the fabric for a Barbie dress, but I hoped they both would fit without any major modifications on my part. Turns out my Chatty Cathy eye needs some serious work. The floral summer dress was really big on her. It just hung on her, and the neckline was so low that you could see her speaker box! I really don't care for that one so much, I bought it because it was so cheap, so I'm not planning on taking it in to fit her. I'm just going to sell it. There's no need spending all that time on tailoring something when I can just make something I actually like in the same amount of time with the same amount of effort. The rust colored party dress had the opposite problem than the floral dress, too small, sort of. The opening in the back was too small for Chatty Cathy. I think the dress itself would fit her, and might be too big in the bodice, but I don't know for sure since I couldn't get it on her. I could take apart the dress and make the back opening bigger, but I'd have to take apart a lot of the dress in order to do that due to how it was constructed. But I'm not sure if I'm willing to do all that work on it. I think I'm going to hold onto this dress and decide down the road what I want to do. I may end up selling that one too.
Over at the Goodwill it was pretty empty. But I did manage to find another horse. Now before you start thinking I'm going to start a ranch, I didn't actually want this horse. I did however want it's saddle and bridle to steal for my Marx horse. The saddle and bridle both had broken parts on them, but I figured that I could deal with them. It really wasn't much money and I could resell the horse. But it turns out this new horse is a lot smaller than the Marx horse. Everything sort of fit but the horse looked really stupid wearing a couple sizes too small riding gear. So I can't use it. So I'm going to sell the horse with it's bridle and saddle. Maybe since it has both of those things it'll be more likely to sell. You win some, you lose some, and it seems like today I'm loosing some a lot.
The Christian Second Hand Store was the final stop of the trip. I didn't find anything in the fabric or the toy section. So I almost left there empty handed. As I was walking around to find my father I found something rather interesting. It was two small packages of wrapping paper, you know the kind that are sold in stores to wrap a quick present on the fly. Normally this wouldn't interest me, but this was different. This was vintage Care Bears wrapping paper. One of it was just stars and clouds, but the other one actually had the characters on it. I don't collect Care Bears, but I figured that someone might so I bought it. Also they were so cute and it's so weird that they survived that long unused I'd hate to leave it and someone buy it to wrap a present it. I'm not a collector, but I know that if the situation was reversed that it would kill me to see something I collected given to someone who wasn't going to care for it. I'm not really sure the best place or forum to find people who collect this stuff, but maybe the people on Flickr can guide me. Or someone here, I'd never turn away advice from a reader!
So that's all I got while out. Out of the five things I got, I'm only going to keep one... maybe. So it was sort of a waste to have gone, but if anything sells I might be singing a different tune!

Back at home it was pretty uneventful. I put stuff away and dealt with the fact that nothing I bought really ended up working. It was pretty late in the evening when this happened:Yes, that's a clump of hair. Yes, it came off my head. Yes, it was intentional.
I've been planning on cutting my hair for a while now. I've long since reached the point where it itself was just too long. And I did want to cut it at times, but sometimes I didn't. It's just I wanted to cut off enough to donate to Locks of Love, but in order to have enough for an acceptable amount I was going to have to cut my hair really short (or at least it feels short to me). I've been mentally preparing myself to do it for a while, but today I finally had the courage to suck it up and get it done. It while needed to get done, it's taking some time adjusting to how I look with my new shorter do. It's weird how I much I identify myself as having long hair. I'm going to miss having it long enough to put it into a ponytail and have it cascade down my back. Now I can just barely get it into a ponytail at all! But at least with hair it grows back, so it'll be long soon enough.

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  1. You found some interesting stuff. I like the paper. Sizing clothing for some doll lines is tough especially when you don't have a model on hand