Saturday, June 30, 2012

From Friday, but introduced on Saturday!

Since it's tomorrow it's time to tell you what came in the mail yesterday. I'm sure everyone's been transfixed to my blog all day hitting the refresh button hoping my newest post would appear. (Not likely since I'm several days behind at this point). It was... a straight leg Francie head! And why is that exciting? Because earlier in the month (and unshared with you), I bought a doll. One that was a different doll head on a straight leg Francie body! I bought the doll because I needed the head, but that left me with a Francie body. So I managed to track down a head on E-bay. It was an auction, so I was sure that I wasn't going to win it, but I put my bid in and counted down. I didn't mention it because I really wasn't going to get my hopes up or anything, but I guess nobody else wanted it since I won it without any competition. That was on Tuesday. I paid as soon as I won and the seller mailed it the next day and it arrived on Friday. And I was able to complete my first Straight Leg Francie (if you ignore the one in the closet that is still getting that spot on her face bleached). She's also my first Brunette with her original hair. She does have some issues. Her head has totally paled, she has a lip rub, I think her hair has been trimmed in a few spots, and her body is covered in bites, especially her right hand is practically chewed off (by a child), but I do love her. I've always loved Francie, she's just so ... pretty. I do hope to find a replacement arm for her eventually, but for now she can live with it. It's not like everyone else around here is in perfect condition. Here's a picture of my newest Francie shortly after she arrived:I took this picture to share over on "In the Pink", but not on Flickr for some reason. For some reason I'm feeling a little bit like avoiding Flickr for some reason. Not really sure why.
Anyway, she arrived yesterday and I made some progress on dressing Francie today. I was over on E-bay looking for something... can't remember what now. When I found a listing for a Japanese exclusive Francie dress (for a thousand dollars!!!). Now I do not have that kind of money to spend on a dress (or anything else for that matter), but I do have enough sewing skills to make something similar. I don't have a whole lot of Francie sewing patterns, but I had a bodice pattern that I already drafted that would work, and plenty of skirts. She can share the skirt patterns from Barbie, so she was all set in that aspect.
I even had some fabric that I thought would work for the dress. It was nothing like the original, but I'm not interested in making a copy, I want my own version. It was a red floral fabric I bought a while back. It was the same fabric I made that Darci dress that I sold out of. So far nobody in the collection had anything made from it. But even though I already had the fabric for it, I was still missing some supplies, the thread. I've been almost out of red thread for a while now. I've held off getting it since I wasn't totally out, but now I needed more than the little I had left on the spool. But I couldn't go out and get some, so I had to make do. I ended up using white except for the most important things, then I'd use what little red I had. White was fine because I was using a white lining for this dress. The red fabric while lovely is really thin, so I needed to line it all. It's more work, but it does make things look a little more professional. Also I'm finally finding a use for that thin white material I bought from Hobby Lobby. The top went together pretty easily. One of the reasons why I liked the original outfit was the fact that it had a cute lace trim poking out from the sleeve holes, the neckline, and the bottom of the skirt. I looked through my lace stash and found one that would work. I ended up hand applying it around the neckline and the sleeve holes. I managed to get the bodice all taken care of, even though I did have to tweak the bust darts on the fly. Apparently the few changes I had made to the pattern made their adaptation necessary.
The skirt went together pretty easily, it's fully lined, with hand applied lace as well. But that's where I ran into my problem. I'm having trouble getting the gather's of the skirt to come out looking somewhat even. I've tore out the stitches a couple times and redid them, but each time it's a brand new mess up. It was getting pretty late in the day, and I was getting pretty annoyed, so I gave up. I'll come back to it later, just not right now.
But even though it's not finished, Francie is still wearing it. So I must like it to leave her in it! No pictures of that, but once I finish it you'll get some.

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