Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting some stuff done, but not much...

My first morning with short (to me) hair. It's still a weird feeling. I did however enjoy being able to turn over during the night and not have to untangle my hair in the process. So I guess this short hair business has it's perks. I'm sure I'll eventually be used to it, just going to take some time. And I'm sure by that time it'll be getting long again!
Since it was Tuesday it's time for more writing! Last week hadn't been successful, so I was hoping that this week would be better. It was not. In fact it was even worse. I struggled writing a quarter of a page before I gave up on it. I won't lie, I was feeling really discouraged. I started this exercise to help get me back into writing these characters and I was feeling more disconnected with them than ever. I didn't know what to do. So I stepped away from the document. I even closed it, since I knew I wasn't going to go back to it today, and I started working on something else. But it kept bugging me. Even though I didn't have anything like an inspirational moment, I still wanted to give it another shot. So I took some time to collect my thoughts and tried again. And I actually managed to get an entire page done today. I'm not sure if I'm connecting with the characters again, but at least I'm committing something to the page, and that's something to be happy with.
Other than that not too much of note happened today. I did manage to do some cleaning today. I've let my desk get covered with a HUGE pile of junk. Like it was so bad that I couldn't even work at it it was so covered. I didn't get a whole lot put away, but I did manage to turn one giant pile into an almost giant pile. It's just whenever I make progress in one area of the room, for some reason I end up making another mess somewhere else. It's a never ending cycle! And I haven't even cleaned up the first mess!

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  1. I meant to commend you on cutting your hair. Did you donate it?

    I get in bouts of procrastination mostly during the winter. I try not to use anything that I will really have to clean up..LOL. I have it down to an art form now. I think I've organized my desk so many times it's crazy