Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

I woke up this morning feeling the same as I always do, not that I was expecting to feel any different now that I'm 26.
Yes, today is my birthday. Exciting, right?
I won't lie, usually I have pretty sucky birthday's. Either something happens, or doesn't happens which makes the day less special. I'm not sure what it is about my birthday that seems to attract stuff like that, but perhaps I'm hypersensitive since it's my "special day", and things that normally would roll right off my back affect me more than they should. But this one was actually seemed to be shaping up to be a good one. I had some pretty awesome presents already lined up (but more about that later), a cake with homemade frosting (made by my Mother), and some takeout from a local burger place. A pretty low key birthday, but plenty enough to make me happy. All that was missing was Peach. He still hasn't come home yet. That would be the black cloud hovering over my birthday. It's just the universe really driving the point home that my birthday, no matter how hard I try, will always have some sort of sadness. Honestly if I had my say I would have skipped getting the burgers and making the cake until another weekend, one that the loss of Peach wasn't so fresh, but the cake had been made last night, and I didn't want to be a heel and postpone. And I do appreciate everyone's efforts, it's just I didn't feel like really celebrating my birthday when all I could do was think about the missing cat.
But enough about that, can't do anything about that now. What's done is done. But it's time to share with you my presents, my spoils from my nerve wracking Craigslist transaction. I've already mentioned that I got four dolls, but I didn't say who I got. I will now say that it was a very Midge heavy birthday. Three of the four dolls were Midge. While I technically collect Barbie, there will always be a place in my collection for Midge. She was my first vintage doll, and will always have a special spot in my heart. I mean there's even a vintage Midge on Charlotte's shelf, no vintage Barbie doll has managed to break into that shelf, and that shows how much she means to me.
Up first we have the worst conditioned doll of the lot. She's Midge, a titan doll who's had a haircut. She also had some eye paint chipping with her. But that's it. Other than those things she's in wonderful shape. All her fingers, all her toenail polish, no bites or neck splits. Besides those things and the fact that she's incredibly filthy (they all were), she's in wonderful shape. What's left of her hair is even in decent shape. Some child just cut off the curl part (which always happens, why child, why???). I am planning on re-rooting her, I even have and idea about what hair to use. I know that one of the doll hair stores sells a thermal color changing hair, so I was thinking about getting some of that. That way I could make my own Color Magic Midge. The only things stopping me are the cost, and deciding what color I want to get. I'm not sure if I want to go fantasy or natural. Decisions, decisions.
Moving on from here, we have another Midge. It's another titan haired Midge, but she hasn't had a haircut. She still had the classic curled flip that the original Midge had. I did have to brush out and reset the curls with my fingers, but her hair was in decent shape and only needed minor work. Her body is in good shape, all her fingers, and both fingernail and toenail polish. Her face paint is in good shape too. The only thing I can see that's wrong is her lips are a little thin. Usually when I find a Midge her lip paint is totally gone, so she's already better than most. She still has a narrow line of light pink for her lips. I really like her, she has such a pleasant look to her. I do have to give her another bath, I just noticed a couple spots I missed that could use some more scrubbing. (Gross!)
Next we have another Midge doll, but this one's different. No, she's not a brunette (the only hair color missing from mu vintage Midge collection, she's actually a Bend Leg Midge... partially. While it's true she's a Bend Leg Midge, she didn't come to me on her original body. Instead she came on an incredibly filthy Bend Leg Francie body. The Francie body has one broken knee and a gouge on her foot, but I'm hoping I can work around that. I ended up giving Midge her body back, using that Straight Leg body I bought a couple months back. I am glad I had it and finally had a head for it. Midge's head is in good condition. Her hair is full and soft, her makeup is perfect. The only issue is that her face has darkened. She's really dark compared to the other dolls. Shame because otherwise she's practically perfect. Here's something icky, when I first got her I dunked her head into boiling water in order to soften it so I could swap her body, the water after I dunked her in it, ended up being the color of weak tea. She was so dirty that just putting her into water had enough lose dirt to change the color of the water! Gross right?
And for our final Birthday doll we have someone different, it's Barbie! She's another bubblecut, and while it's true that they're not my favorite dolls, I have managed to amass six of them already, they're the majority of my vintage Barbie collection. But I don't have too much repetition. So far I've managed to only collect two of each hair color, and with her I continue that little habit. She is blonde, and while I have two blondes already, but she's different, she's a lemon blonde, the other two are honey blonde. It's a minor distinction, but pretty apparent when you compare them side by side. I didn't realize how much lighter her hair was until after I washed her hair, she was originally much darker/dirtier. She cleaned up really nicely, I'd say she was the dirtiest with so much dirt trapped around her eyes. Luckily it all washed off to reveal a gorgeous doll. She really is in good shape. Her makeup is in wonderful shape, with a single lip chip and a minor eyelash rub. She has the most lovely coloring, her eyeshadow is a wonderful ice blue, and her nail polish and toenail polish is a very pretty light pink color. Her rooting pattern is different than all the bubblecuts I already own, I was even able to style it as a mock side part. She does have some darkening with her face, like Midge, but unlike Midge her's isn't as dark. She also has a couple tiny gouges on her legs, but they're very minor, and high up on her legs. I know I say this with every new Bubblecut, but she's become my new favorite! She's just so pretty!
Here a picture of all of them after their baths and Midge's body upgrade (The Midge on the far right hasn't gotten her bath yet).I was wondering how this years present from my parents could top last years (American Girl), but I think I was lucky enough to get something just as wonderful. I just wish that Peach would have come home, that would have been the best present of all.
Oh, and before I forget, here's the photo of the dolls before their clean up. The photos with the blue and red background are the seller's and the ones on the (fake) wood are mine right after I brought them home:

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