Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ick for the most part, just ick...

I didn't do my writing today. I was planning on catching up on it tomorrow, but I got some troubling news today, about Thursday so I think I'm going to skip this week. I know I only lasted a week, but now that I know what I know I won't be able to focus until it's over. It's seriously upsetting, but needs to be done... but I still feel like throwing up when I think about it.
Anyway, in the afternoon I started working on the outfit for the TNT Flip. I didn't start with the shirt, instead I wanted to make the shorts. I made a new pattern using the pants pattern as a guide. I made a test piece and when satisfied with that I pulled out that expensive white calico from Hobby Lobby and started to work on it. But... midway though I realized something. Even though it was the expensive fabric, it was still pretty cheap. No joke this stuff was terribly sheer. I was using Fashion Queen for my working model, and through the fabric I could see the entire hip line where the torso and leg met. I could see her skin color though it and everything. I won't lie, I was mad. Here I spent all this money on this fabric, and it's unusable. I know I'm always saying I sew for dolls, but this is totally wrong. So while still mad from this poor quality fabric, I e-mailed Hobby Lobby to tell them how upset I was. I pulled out all the stops, saying how this fabric could not be used for clothing unless the wearer was an exhibitionist, and I even brought you all into it. In the final paragraph I spoke that I don't expect a reply from them since the last time I wrote to them I didn't hear anything and that I didn't know why I bothered to contact them, other than somebody should hear about it besides my blog with it's variety of readers (I did not mention that this blog only has 22 readers!). Like I said, I doubt I'll ever hear anything from them, but it felt good to vent my frustrations on the topic.
But even with that issue, I didn't give up yet. I pulled out that linen from the last time I went to the United Christian Outreach Center and made up the shorts again. This time you couldn't see through the shorts, but they had their own problems. In the center front seam I had this weird pulling going on. So I gave up. Truth be told, this outfit has been giving me trouble from the start, and I've been quickly falling out of favor with it. I'm thinking it's going to go into the unfinished project box, and TNT Flip is going to go back to the Sewing cabinet for another day. This is P.J.'s week after all!
After that I spent my time doing more Mod research (without much success) and reading. Haven't read much lately and I missed it. I do have a backlog of books, so I'm thinking I should pick one and just leave it around. Then whenever I'm bored, or have a free moment I can pick it up and read a bit.
And I should mention, today was my parent's Wedding Anniversary, their 30th! It was pretty low key, we just had a family dinner. I did give them a present. I had made a ceder sachet for them. On the front I used two fabrics sewn together, one from a shirt my mother used to wear she had given me for fabric, and one from a suit jacket my father had given me (also for fabric). I took buttons (from my Great-Grandmother), and sewed them to spell out "30". On the back I made three panels, one to represent each of their children. My sister got some cat fabric, I got Mickey Mouse, and my brother got Mario. I whipped it up quickly last night, but I wanted to be able to give them something. I think it was a good dinner, although I forgot to make the cake I was planning on, I guess that's what happens when I read!

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  1. Wow that's great milestone for your parents. The sachet sounds nice. You can always make a cake for them.

    Can the fabric be used to make undergarments or something? Maybe if you layer it? Or you can make bedding or curtains (not sure how much fabric you have). I hope you get some sort of response.