Monday, June 4, 2012

It changes, then changes, then changes some more!

As I mentioned before, I was going to focus my doll attention on P.J. this week trying to get her dressed. So I turned to Etsy to search for vintage clothing and patterns to inspire me. I have several searches that I try and see what shows up. "Mod Girl", "Mod dress", "60's Dress", and "Twiggy" among them. For the most part I didn't see much. Either I didn't like it, or the fabric was going to be impossible to find something similar, or I had already made something too much like it. I did find something that I liked. It was from my last search "Twiggy". It was a shirt and jumper combo. The shirt was a turtleneck with long sleeved made from a red and white striped fabric. The jumper was navy with a gathered skirt and had six gold buttons in a mock double breasted looked. I decided to replace the gathered skirt with a pleated one, and I was sold. I did realize that it was a pretty conservative Mod look, but I was hardly surprised. That's usually where I go when I'm sewing mod, it fits in much better with my regular style.
I started off with the shirt, except when I was cutting out the neck hole I messed up. I could either toss it and cut another one, or make a change on the fly. I decided instead of making it a turtleneck, I'd use the collar from that Modern Art reproduction I've used a lot lately. That seemed to work. I went and added the sleeves (which was a terrible pain). I had to tear them out several times to get them how I wanted them. At one point I was so mad I walked away from the entire thing and took a break. But I did return to it. I managed to get a good part of the shirt done. Right now all that I have to do is the back hems and the bottom hem.
But when I was looking at it, I just couldn't see this shirt working with a jumper. I pulled something similar to what I was thinking out of the unfinished project box and tried the two pieces together, and it just was not at all how I imagined it. So I decided to change it, twice actually. The jumper became a pair of white shorts, and the intended wearer (P.J.) became TNT Flip Barbie. I didn't made any progress with the shorts since it was late, but at least I have a plan of attack for tomorrow!

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